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August 24, 2012

This so called western civilization that has survived all has attained its place through genocide, slavery and exploitation. This is how it grew and expanded and reached its status because this so called civilization is based on segregation . It has absolutely no moral boundaries not to speak of moral reference .It has –long time ago- done away with religion and with all moral references , it does not want to be accounted for or assume responsibility for anything it committed or develop a kind of self awareness and , now , it has become not only loose but totally out of control , it will not yield to anything , not only it never went over its evil doings or trying to correct its drive and change its orientation or at least recognize its mistakes , but it is more than ever intent on continuing on the same line and in the same manner in bringing utter destruction to the world and inflicting humanity with all kinds of plights . It has not learned one useful lesson from history , it will not question itself or investigate its past or enquire about its future , it is like someone who has been on drugs for such a long time and has lost any contact with anything that does not keep him or her high.

The beast has gone really wild and has become a mad monster and protecting humanity from it has become a difficult task because it will not accept any authority outside its own. And here lies the most dangerous aspect of such a culture or so called civilization that it has turned itself into the reference for human rights and ethics without qualifying for it , it has remained a deficient culture without growing into a real civilization but it has become all pervading in such a way that nothing can grow outside of it ; it has become the community itself and all communities and is trying to reduce all cultures to its own so that anything that does not submit to it is labeled as terrorist or rogue or uncivilized . It has monopolized not only money , power and resources , but also culture and morality and science and ethics and freedom and religion and human rights and you name it , everything has been confiscated for the monster to feed on and to prevent people from having real access to it .

In this condition people are left not only sometimes with no food or money but almost with no thought or spirit , they are left with no choice except to acclaim the monster or fall a prey to it and sometimes the two together . You join the monster and dance to his tune or you die .For this reason there is a growing need to join efforts in order to encounter such a beast if one does not want the whole of humanity and cultures and religions abducted and sacrificed at the alter of the big insatiable ego of the so called western deficient civilization.

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