August 27, 2012

The fever of colonization is not over , as a matter of fact this strong fever is still active and it will not stop until it takes care of the whole of humanity . In the New world, colonization went along with genocide , physical and cultural, where most native nations were wiped off the map and whatever remains of these nations was confined to reservations in miserable conditions . The natives have not awoken yet from the shock of encountering the deadly white “civilization”, for this is quite an encounter between spiritually oriented people like the Native indigenous and the kind of European predator- namely the puritan white settler- coming from England who only believes in killing and usurping and living as if God never existed .

The white colonizers got away with the crime of decimating completely whole nations looking as if he was rendering a service to humanity while he was killing the living and looting the dead and becoming richer and richer. People considered that this was the victory of civilization over savagery. This helped the white Anglo Saxon resume his genocide further by attempting -after killing the natives- at killing the Native culture itself , the language , the Native tradition and the religion by driving the Native to consider –as unfit -his own heritage which could not stand up to the challenge of the white savage .

The predator western monster is never short of ideas and from him originates the “brilliant” idea of “Israel” which is also an important chapter in the book of colonization . While withdrawing from Arab countries, the European colonizers did not forget to leave behind them the thing called Israel that acted like a cluster bomb in the heart of the Nation . Not only Palestine was usurped by the Zionists Jews but other Arab countries never reached independence, they were partitioned, divided and unable to survive as integral entities .

By disposing of the Arab land regardless of its people, the colonizers severed the natural connection of the people with their land ; not only Palestinians , but all Arabs were severed and alienated from their land . There was separation between Arabs and their land and creation of artificial countries with which the people could not identify .All Arab countries suffered from this condition of separation and alienation that was the platform for the creation of the usurping State of Israel. This was what the Sykes Picot treaty -along with the Balfour treaty- did in the most vicious European conspiracy ever witnessed. All Arabs became thus like refugees on their own land living in artificial countries and ruled by stooges appointed by the colonizer .

Still Europe and US are not short of ideas and now -with the Arab spring -it is not just the land that is threatened but the individual himself and what remains of social setting he still has . The world order has succeeded in targeting and disintegrating whole societies in the Arab world by calling people to go to streets and challenge their government and change their rulers under the false pretext of acquiring civil liberties and freedom .Previously the colonizers used to address the rulers whom they had appointed and counted on them to oppress the masses , now they have found that they could manipulate the masses themselves directly through the internet and NGOs and other devices . They not only have colonized the land but they have colonized the minds as well. They not only have violated the integrity of countries trespassing borders , separating the land from its people and acting as if they were at home in that land, but they have violated the cultural , mental and social integrity of the individual. In order to achieve this they have used an army of NGOs who infiltrated societies, in addition to the other army of criminal thugs recruited from everywhere to kill mercilessly . Their intention was to sow discord within Arab societies and cause the destruction and the disintegration of societies from within. This is the second chapter or the other kind of colonization , that of the Arab spring and with it should be completed the work of preparation for the new world.

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