August 17, 2012

It is Al Quds Day , and if the Holiest and eldest among cities could speak on this occasion it would have spoken about the brutes that are taking over all cities, about corporations and anonymous owners that have stepped over all nations and all cultures and all people, about a civilization that has created a UN as a wall preventing nations from looking into alternatives for the present and the future , a civilization that has blocked and destroyed all links that relate us to history and culture, to replace them with the made up story of Man.

The enemies of Man and God on this earth have chosen the Crest Jewel among cities to subdue it and annihilate it. The whole history of the world is culminating there in Jerusalem because Jerusalem – besides being the capital of Palestine – is the capital of the whole world .All that has been happening to Man in general has happened to the Holy city yet it has managed to keep its secret ancient identity. A great portion of Man’s history is written within Jerusalem’s walls because this is where the Holy Prophets- who represent the quintessence and wholesomeness of the experiences of Man- have lived .

Therefore, when you say that Jerusalem is being invaded, violated, besieged, usurped and confiscated. All these things are happening to Man as well.

As they have persecuted -previously -Prophets , Messengers and Holy Men , they are persecuting now the City that hosted them. Due to this, Imam Khomeini (may he rest in peace) considered al Quds to be a central cause , that concerns not only Muslims but all peoples and all religions , that concerns Man in short .This is where the destiny of Man is being played and decided and transfigured.

Imam Khomeiny who- as a true revolutionary- was primarily concerned with oppression gave Palestine and Jerusalem his main concern . Here is a cause that is the most crucial and the most threatening to the destiny Man and Humanity in general , so what is Man to do? What are Arabs to do? What are Christians and Muslims to do and every religious and conscientious person.?

Jerusalem has become a flower surrounded by thorns fed by the monsters of this world ,a city with utmost Holiness abducted by the most despicable people in the name of the fake world order they claim . A Shrine where filthy rats have taken shelter , digging their holes and tunnels and carrying on their vicious endeavors hoping -one day- that this will take care of everything and the rats will take over the city .

For this reason Jerusalem is challenging true history, culture and religion to stand up to the fake ones, and true people to confront those who are using religion and the United Nations to promote the distorted values of the world order. All believers are invited to stand up to this great oppression .

Jerusalem is bleeding and the first victim is Man before the Holy City . The wall of segregation is partitioning the City . Palestinians of al Quds are destroying their own houses with their own hands -when they are ordered to do so- otherwise the Israelis would charge them the fees of demolition , Christians who formed 20% of the population are now almost !% .and the wall of segregation will leave tens of thousands of the population outside the City . Big areas including Holy graveyards of ‘Ulemas and Holy Men are being confiscated and turned into public gardens and big quarters are to be turned into tourist resorts . The whole City is being disfigured under the eyes of 1,5 billion Muslims and the eyes of the wealthy Arab rulers. All this while the prince of Qatar is funding the building of settlements in Israel.

No money goes to Jerusalem , and the only thing that the Islamic Conference- who was created to protect the Holy Shrine- came up with yesterday was to suspend Syria’s membership in the Conference . No mention of Al Quds and no money to support the resistance of the People ,the money will go –instead- to the enemies of Syria , the Bastion of the armed Resistance. Not only this but we see the Mufti of Egypt inviting all Arabs and Muslims to perform pilgrimage in the Holy City under Israeli hegemony .

This demolition of the Holy City is liable to happen everywhere, to all real cities who are places of devotion and to all people who are devoted people , therefore , what you do unto al Quds you do unto yourself , and the Freedom Fighters who know the nature of their duty have already heard the call and are arranging their rows and reaching for their weapons . Be sure that – in due time- they will liberate the City with whatever means they’ve got putting to shame all those who failed their Holy duty and Religious ordinance replacing it by other fictitious endeavors.

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