Viva Chavez

October 6th, 2012

It is not only a matter of rich and poor, and not only a matter of social justice, but a matter of social health and social survival and emancipation.

The whole world is invited to vote , the whole world is voting! We vote all the day through our thinking , every day is a voting day . The struggle is there between the true aspirations of people seeking justice and equity and a harmonious society, and the conspirations of usurpers and oppressors who cater to values alien to society and to the people and which will finally lead to great destruction…
On one side we have the good forces and- on the other side- we have the evil forces We are on a cross roads. If you vote Obama then you have voted Levy , Peres and Queen Elizabeth and pollution and injustice. If you vote Chavez then you have voted Ahmadinijad and Sayyed Hassan and justice and peace. The choice of RADONSKI would be the Hollywood and CIA choice where fake leisure would be accessible to some, , mixed with the blood of others and at the high price of the inborn rights of citizens that will have to live by deprivation. And the other choice meaning Chavez is for all’s sake and even if the rich people would have to give some of their wealth and leisure time , they will do so for the sake of a well balanced society and a well balanced life, and a well balanced humanity, without which even their priviliges would have no value.

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