September 21, 2012

How funny really and what a big joke also and how untrue this freedom of expression the west is hammering over our heads since the Allies – thanks to Uncle Sam- won WWII . We were supposed to cheer then, because democracy has won over fascism, and freedom over oppression and many idols were raised for us to commemorate.

We were to rejoice over the victory of the predators because they were to bring along democracy with them , the democracy of the killers of 20 million Natives, and twice as many Black Africans, not to forget the harm done to the animal and vegetable kingdom, not to forget the space and the stars. And now that freedom has prevailed , we are unable to catch our breath and count the dead , before in Vietnam, and after in Palestine, and in Iraq and Libya, and now in Syria.

We cannot keep up with the democracy of Uncle Sam, and the freedom of Uncle Sam, and the friends and allies of Uncle Sam , we cannot catch up with him and we find ourselves dumfounded in front of heaps of dead bodies placed on top of one another, or lying side by side, shrouded or not shrouded, of all ages and social classes disfigured or not disfigured ,bleeding or not bleeding , mutilated or not mutilated, or not yet mutilated waiting for the cameras to be ready and keep records of the art works of the masters of democracy and the aces of freedom and their clientele.

After all this carnage – that has lasted now more than five centuries- we are still fooled and we think that the western world – headed by Uncle Sam- is not in a position to sanction any vicious slandering movie or stupid mischievous comic strip because we believe that this freedom of expression, this idol raised in the west, knows no boundaries and has to pervade the whole field ; the only accident in this pervasiveness being the Jewish Holocaust , this is where – we are told- the idol is left with no choice but to bend in front of the majesty of the oppressed race .

Here -in the Jewish realm- no question is allowed , no inquiry , no investigation , here the pill has to be swallowed as it is with no reaction or complaint . This breach in the field of freedom has to be acknowledged as a natural accident and should -in no way- shake our faith in the free west .

And how can our faith be shaken when the French government decides to close all the French schools and the French embassies in more than twenty countries on Friday in order to protect the freedom of expression ? How wonderful and uncompromising to go all this way in order to protect the publishing of some slandering mediocre comic strip in a weekly magazine !! Who can say more? ? Isn’t this meant to make Arabs and Muslims look small with their protests and demonstrations and negative attitude , while the predator is showing the extent of his tolerance ?

The truth is that the west is not in the process of protecting any freedom, but is rather getting ready to devour his next victim. There is no freedom of expression in the west because the freedom of expression in the west is one of the many holocausts that you are not allowed to question . There is no freedom in the west and the slandering movie- together with the slandering comic strip- are the actual war launched by the west against Arabs and Muslims .

— There is no freedom in Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib and there is no freedom in Gaza as there was no freedom in Hiroshima or Nagazaki or Vietnam . There is the freedom that serves the predators ‘ schemes; other than that it is utter subjugation and destruction.

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