The Free Palestinian Prisoners And The Search For Freedom


September 17, 2012

The Palestinian prisoners are the pillars of the Palestinian cause , they exert a great pressure over the Palestinian authority or over the Palestinian leadership because they are the heart of the Palestinian people . They are at the core of the Palestinian cause . Their problem is crucial due to their great number and the conditions of their incarceration and the reasons for which they are incarcerated . They are not outlaws as prisoners in other countries are , but are the straight and legal path and connection to their country Palestine . These prisoners are the ones who are sacrificing for the cause . Their condition cannot be taken lightly . Due to this importance we see many NGOs rushing to cater to the prisoners’ cause , focusing now on one prisoner or few prisoners that are dealt with separately , and even at the expense of the general problem of the prisoners while the Palestinian cause is not even mentioned .

Previously the detainees were released by deals of exchange; . the Palestinian authority or HAMAS or Hizbullah would engage in indirect talks with the enemy to decide for the terms of the exchange . Now the Prisoners cause has gone out of the hands of Palestinians or Arabs- in general- to be deposited in the hands of NGOs who will deal with the cause according to the Western policies and agendas and this is not something positive .

If asked in what way would they like to be released the prisoners would answer the same way as we were arrested . One would wonder whether it is the prisoners that should evacuate the place or the Israelis . The prisoners did not commit any infraction to ask for their freedom , they initially were imprisoned by the usurpers of their country who never had the right to be there in the first place let alone the right to imprison anyone . The NGOs fall short of achieving the real purpose of any promotion of the prisoners’ cause that is their immediate release . Finally the Palestinian prisoners cannot be released before knowing where they will be heading after their release , whether they will be heading to Jordan or somewhere else and the question- finally- is whether the whole cause will be slipping out of Palestinians’ hands and what is the future of Palestinians and that of Palestine ?

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