September 15, 2012

Four US diplomats were sacrificed to carry on the Hillary scheme of sowing discord among religions the evening of the pope’s visit Benedictus 16th to Lebanon where the country is being prepared to receive his eminence in all its colors and varieties and where Hizbullah is to share willingly -as part of the Lebanese political official mosaic- in most of the functions .
Hillary probably did not expect that the price would be so high , she thought that the whole of the anti Islamic provocative propaganda -designed to ignite fanaticism and hatred and swaying Egyptians and Libyans away from their main concern- will be restricted to some demonstrations here and there, around US embassies , not more . She had the guts- after the film was propagated and causing trouble all over the place- to say in an interview that there was no need to create such a havoc around this matter and that- in US- all religions were respected forgetting that- in order to respect religions- first one must honor man who is a creation of God and not encourage or create sectarian or religious differences .
The timing of this whole provocation also is not to be overlooked , it is high time to change direction because people are awakening to the fact that they have been taken for a ride and that the series of Arab springs produced by al Jazeera and US -like the infamous provocative movie- are turning into social discords of various kinds and are not bearing fruits, and that the so called revolution in Syria is no other than an attack on Syrians by a bunch of hired bearded criminals on the payroll of Intelligence Services supplied by Qatar and monitored by Turkey .
There is no Syrian opposition , there are criminal gangs paid to kill . This is the truth that is becoming more and more evident, and there is no Arab spring-as well- and Mursi is another US stooge who has not even been elected, and who is –already- dancing to the tunes of the US administration , and that Gaza will remain under siege and under attack, and that the Rafah borders will not be open. Also there seems to be no solution to the Palestinian problem, or to the taking over of Jerusalem, or to the expanding of the Israeli settlements, and that HAMAS has relinquished armed struggle for nothing, and has joined the chorus of the keepers of the Israeli peace, and that the Palestinian prisoners will either remain to rot in Israeli prisons or will starve themselves till death.
The Arab and Muslim masses are awakening to all these facts and to the big trap of sectarian alignment that has split the nation- while sparing its enemy, Israel -providing it with the desired security and stability. In all this turmoil -whose aim is -above all- to expose it and defeat it, the wise, peaceful, committed Lebanese Resistance has chosen the other side of the coin that consist in receiving the Catholic pope- who is not exactly the friend of the people- with all the required openness and tolerance, working along the forces of peace to bury any attempt at religious discord or conflict .
All this has caused Hillary to act quickly in order to work against what has been achieved, to launch another time her vicious scheme, and to reorient the struggle- in the desired way- to the place where no national awakening is possible and no mental and spiritual awareness, to the place where darkness and ignorance rule; the place of uncalculated reactions, of unrefined fanaticism , of hatred of the other and of the self .This is where Hillary wants to take all of us now , to the place from where we started , to the indiscriminate condition of the non seeing and non hearing and non discerning ; from sectarian conflict to religious conflict and back and forth, to start all over again caught -as we are- in this whirlpool that knows no beginning and no end .

Before demonstrating against a mediocre slandering stupid movie that cannot touch one hair of the Holy Prophet , these protesters should have taken to streets to protest against the so called hired Islam, practiced by the criminal thugs in Libya , in Syria and elsewhere . They should have taken to streets to protest against these slaughters and massacres committed in Syria and Libya in the name of the religion; against the crimes- committed with the call Allahu Akbar- that were exposing Islam and Muslims in an unprecedented manner.
Had they done this, no one would have dared –maybe- to produce such mischievous movie in such a provocative manner; but they had- themselves- provided the material for this infamous work, and are seeking now the vengeance that Hillary is expecting from them.

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