One Thousand And One Prisoners


September 17, 2012

This was written when Mahmud al Sarsak went on hunger strike.

The release of Palestinian detainee Mahmud al Sarsak will take place hopefully on the 17th of July . After the prisoners suspended their hunger strike which so many NGOs backed , al Sarsak and few other prisoners decided to resume the struggle and continue fasting refusing to be satisfied with the few meager demands that the Israelis granted to the prisoners and which kept on the administrative detention. We don’t know if some NGOs were behind or against the prolongation of the hunger strike of some prisoners among them al Sarsak ; still, the problem of detention- whether administrative or not- has no other solution but the total release of all prisoners ; and anything other than that falls short of the goal. Focusing on one prisoner or on the release of one prisoner or few prisoners will not do, be them football players or worldly acknowledged sportsmen. Previously prisoners were exchanged against other prisoners or simply against other soldiers’ remains . Many prisoners got thus released , the last ones- more than one thousand – were released in exchange of Israeli soldier Gilaad Shalit -at the beginning of the actual year- leaving behind them thousands of other prisoners that could not be included in the deal. Now since HAMAS seems busy negotiating with the Palestinian authority and paying visits to the enemies of Syria , Palestinian prisoners seem to be abandoned and left to their own fate and will have to arrange for their own release, they will have to rely on some NGOs to promote their cause and NGOs are not reliable for the simple reason that they are not the mother of the child . They have to implement the agendas of their sponsors who range from the United Nations and the European community to the Soros institutes that are not exactly Israel’s enemies . In addition to that , they expect to get name and fame that they could employ in other dubious mission to serve the world order . NGOs are not qualified to undertake the prisoners’ case because it is their own self that they are interested in promoting at the expense of prisoners , and they put the Palestinian prisoners between very limited choices ranging from possible death to compelled survival under all forms of occupation and violations. The liberation of the Palestinian prisoners is the responsibility of the Palestinian State that is- in this case- represented by the Palestinian Resistance if such a thing still exists.

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