October 7, 2012

What is in store for Venezuela , only God knows , it might be an attempt at creating some Spring over there too . The opposition candidate of Jewish origin is a Tycoon who owns several TV stations which spend their time campaigning against President Chavez .

Lately the rally organized by Radonsky was poorly attended . Radonsky explained by saying that the hot weather prevented people from coming even if refreshments were offered and umbrellas provided to shelter people . The same weather though did not prevent 3 millions from rallying for president Chavez in the same Caracas .

Radonsky who- while campaigning and promoting himself -unbuttoned his shirt to show the masses how healthy he was and how sound his body is, seems to have a secret economic agenda that will deprive people from access to free health care and free education and will start the privatization of the oil sector .

This agenda was disclosed by one member of the opposition who saw himself after few hours ousted from his own party . The whistle blower called William Ojeda after that revealed that the economic policies were banned from discussion and that everything seems to go under cover regarding the candidate of the opposition .

Some journalists expressed their fear -at the same time- that the outcome of tomorrow’s elections- if favorable to the actual president- turn into confrontations like the ones that followed the Iranian presidential elections . Venezuelans should be warned about the kind of danger that the dubious opposition represents.

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