November 1, 2012

Many must ask what is happening to Palestine ? Where is Palestine in all this ? There is a righteous cause here, a human cause , that lies at the basis of the conflicts going on in this area and a universal cause of people who have been stripped off their land and identity and are being stripped off them right now.

There is a problem here whereby Palestinians are being tar…

geted and chased and killed and abducted and held hostages in prisons- in so many great numbers- and mistreated and imprisoned and humiliated in every respect at checkpoints and elsewhere and by the wall of segregation. A problem whereby they are being targeted in their religion and in the practice of their belief, surrounded by hoards of settlers who provoke them and provoke their children and bully them in each opportunity; besieged , assaulted even in their reservation camps where they have taken refuge and where the enemy had followed them to genocide them and do away with them killing hundreds and thousands and after that accusing them of terrorism.
Even dead a Palestinian is not left in peace since his own body -that has become a corpse- is ripped off his organs -whether heart or liver or lungs- to be donated or sold or used as if it were not enough to rip him off his life that it became necessary to usurp his own remains ?

What has happened to the Palestinians ? The cause amongst all causes that has been kept alive by the incomparable sacrifices of the Palestinians : fathers , mothers and children who have sacrificed so much, and those of the freedom fighters- who generation after generation- have offered the best they had, not withholding anything that could benefit Palestine and the freedom of Palestine and the return of the Palestinians .

So much tears and blood and blood and tears mixed together over decades and decades , so much bloodshed and victimization and displacement that is still going on- uninterrupted- and will still go on until nothing is left but past and present ghosts haunting us day and night !

What has happened to us who are related to the cause willingly or unwillingly? What has happened to us ? How did we let this happen to us to our brothers and fathers and mothers and sisters ? Where is Palestine now ? who speaks about Palestine? Netenyahu -the butcher – is not even noticed or mentioned and the other butchers too , the Peres and the Lieberman and the Barack , and all the other butchers of the Israeli butchery , no one speaks anymore about them, about what they did and what they are still doing every day from dawn till dusk and during the night too: killing and conspiring and usurping without cessation attempting at whatever within their reach and whoever they can reach sending their deadly machines after armless children and weaponless civilians to kill as many as they could and harm as much as they can!

The cause is being liquidated , this is what is happening to the cause , liquidated at the hands of Arabs and Palestinians . What we are doing to ourselves no one can do to us . We are liquidating the Palestinian cause , and with it the Arab cause , because we got busy with fake springs and false revolutions we became set against our own selves and against our own cause , we got busy toppling -unseccessfully-our rulers , the corrupt rulers, those who normalized and recognized .

These same rulers – who are still haunting the place- would have fallen by themselves without much trouble had we persevered on the path of Resistance and liberation , they would have fallen one after the other had we stood all behind our victorious Resistance who triumphed over the usurping entity twice achieving a striking unprecedented victory that we were soon made to forget .

Because we are not true Muslims , nor true religious , we fell in the sectarian pit which deprived us of reaping the miraculous fruits of the miraculous victory achieved over Israel by the purest of men , the purest of freedom fighters of the purest resolves who defeated the Israelis and caused them to withdraw shamefully, dragging their dead behind them, beaten and weeping in a rare scene of which we have been deprived for a life time.

In the pit of sectarianism we fell , in the pit of greed and sectarianism , this was the test God has sent us to test our faith , and we failed the test , we favored money and power over God , we sold Palestine , we sold our cause for trifles; we went to the corrupt sheikhs and embraced them , we went to the Zionist Turks and embraced them because we could not embrace the victorious Resistance , the freedom fighters of the Resistance who offered their lives to liberate their towns and villages just to show us that the monster can be defeated , this thing called Israel can be defeated by some resolves taken and carried on by few young men, so as not to worry and keep faith and not sway from the path .

They offered their lives, left their homes, took leave from their parents and children, forsook everything for the sake of this matter, for us to learn that the monster is made of paper and his kingdom nothing but a spider’s web . But we have not learned ,instead we became intent on killing the cause, our cause.

The cause that was once human and universal and concerned every person that had human feelings is suffocating now under layers of utter sectarianism and partition and division . It has become a staged play run by NGOs of dubious affiliations who worked on dissecting the cause into multitude of particles that cannot live nor survive nor bear fruit.

We brought the enemies into our countries , the foreign armies with their weapons and tanks and evil intentions and their intellectuals and journalists and spies , we brought them in , opened the place for them called them different names and started collaborating with them for the sake of freedom and civil liberties we were told . We- fools -did not ask those intellectuals and so called NGOs to restore to us the Golan or the West Bank or Kafarshouba Hills or Palestine in order to seekk freedom as sovereign countries and sovereign people and not as occupied nations and lands . We missed that point with the dubious occupier .

We exposed our own religion and protected the Zionist Butchers by committing atrocities in the name of Islam so that the Muslim appear as a criminal and on a par with the Zionist Jew. We thus protected the Israelis and defamed Islam.

All this could have been avoided had we developed the right thinking , had we understood life and religion properly, or learned from previous lessons . All this could have been avoided had the Palestinians- whose cause is theirs- remained on the path of the Resistance instead of drifting towards negotiations and normalization.

The Palestinians -as directly concerned with the cause- and -especially- the resisting ones , the Palestinians of HAMAS , could have avoided the sectarian pit set by the intelligence of the world order and their clientele of the Arab Gulf princes . They could have remained Palestinians without becoming sectarians and reduce their universal cause to the size of a limited sect ,. They have harmed greatly the cause and its Arab , Muslim and International multicultural dimension, they have harmed and exposed Syria , their greatest ally and friend.

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