November 7, 2012

Raise the individuals by society and raise the society by the individuals. This must be true in our seeking for better government and administration. Our seeking for better administration is at the same time a seeking for the betterment of society and the individuals.
It is not something that really needs to be divinely revealed , it is our practical exper…

ience that we are connected to those who are better knowing than us and to those who are more ignorant than us .
Intelligent people chose to follow their betters and certainly cherish a good leader and a wise administration that is not only trustworthy but also well guided . And this is not something impossible among people who respect and value their betters , because then society will be oriented for passage of knowledge to its recipient as the mountain slope is oriented for the passage of water to its destination .

There are certainly plenty of good people who have the qualities of leadership along with the ethics that go with it, and good administration is as feasible as bad administration, though it is more difficult to attain and has to be sought knowingly .

These qualified people exist but have been marginalized and deprived of rule and leadership while the rogues have taken their place and this is how we ended up with the worst administration and the worst society most resistant to the passage of knowledge ever witnessed on earth . This is something that should be knowingly avoided , namely : a society resistant to administration and an administration resistant to knowledge .
As a ship reaches its safe destination by the merit of its captain and crew, so also a society reaches its destination by the merit of its administration guided by the wisdom of life

All the calamities we are encountering are due to the lack of wise administration that is connected to a higher moral authority . It is universal wisdom that should lead the ship of human society through the administration , because , we are universal people, children of this universe and brothers and sisters to each other , we are all one fabric but have forgotten who we are .

For this reason, when the Messenger of God wanted to choose his successor, he chose the most trustworthy : ‘Ali ben Abi Taleb whom he could trust with religion because he knew him well to be so since he said : I am the city of Knowledge and ’Ali is its gate. The Prophet had no choice but to entrust religion to the kind of person ‘Ali was . In case there was no such person, religion would be in great peril, and this is what happened when the will of the Prophet was obstructed.

This is not to demean the other aspirants for the position but to point out that Imam ‘Ali was not seeking that position and he has proved it historically as Imam Hussein proved it later .

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