November 17, 2012

We are delighted frankly to meet Khaled Mash’al again whom we have seen lately enjoying his time in five stars Dawha hotels where he was frequently served shrimp meals which is his favorite dish . But now that the war has escalated between Gaza and Israel Mr Mish’al is not going to miss on showing us his fervent commitment and daring stands that were halted for some time due to the striking of some dubious deals with the Arabs of the gulf. Never the less Mr.Mish’al is back and is honoring us again with his assertive presence and his fiery speech which he gave from Sudan . Mr Mash’al is asking Arabs to support Gaza and to stand beside the Palestinians in these hard times and he expounded about the big sacrifices, that are being offered . The least one could that Mr Mash’al was not at all convincing , he has simply lost his credibility after we saw him bowing in front of the prince of Qatar . One cannot have everything Mr Mash’al. one cannot have everything and serve God and the oil money . One has to chose between the two and you could have thanked the countries who provided you with the various missiles with which you are defending yourself . These countries are non other than Iran which you did not even mention and Syria against which you are conspiring ,but there is -truly- very little to expect from the Munafiq you have become.!

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