October 29, 2012

“So many pilgrims but no pilgrimage !” One can repeat after holy Imam al Sadeq when he was asked about his pilgrimage to Holy Mekka by which he meant that he was the only pilgrim there despite the great crowd who roamed all over the place ! The Holy Imam was trying to teach us then the truth about Hajj. Maybe the Holy Imam would have said the same thing had he gone now to Mekka. …

He would have said even more -I guess- and would have wondered what has happened to Islam? The Islam as the revealed religion for which his great grand father -the Holy Prophet- has dedicated his whole life and for which he himself has done the same .
What has happened to Islam and what has happened to Muslims ? And the terrible fact or shocking truth of all times is: under whose patronage is this Holy endeavor of Hajj being undertaken ? Who is organizing, inviting , leading and patronizing this Holy endeavor? Or, to put it in short terms : who is hosting the Holy event of Hajj??. The truth is that this Holy event- considered to be one of the pillars of the religion- is hosted by rulers of a dynasty that is non religious and who does not abide by any form or any injunction of the religion . The people hosting this event cannot be considered Muslim or as people having a religion . And while an average religious person could obey the Almighty on more than one instance or disobey Him on one or more than one, the rulers of the Saudi dynasty do not obey religion in any instance, to the point that -if someone intended to find people as remote from religion as possible- he would not have found better than al Saud .

So we have here someone like Abu Lahab patronizing the Hajj and , behind him, all the imperialist and colonialist forces who have taken military bases in the whole region . What would the Holy Prophet think about this? That the House of God is being ruled by a notoriety of the Jahillyya in its ugliest form, behind them all the oppressors of the west ? And if the Holy Prophet of God were to appear in these Holy places , what would he have said and how would he have behaved? All this is not so difficult to figure out . These Holy places -where Islam has grown and where religion in all its forms has developed- are run today by irreligious people; by people who worship money instead of God . Mekka and Medina are usurped the same way al Aqsa is usurped, and they are taken by people who made themselves slaves to the world order and who obey their imperialist masters blindly and enslave mercilessly their own people. There is no place for God in their hearts .

Still, the Muslim Holy places are under their control . They decide who will come and who will not come, and who will perform Hajj and who will not ; and no one can question their decisions. Lately we have seen them altering the Holy places and remodeling them in a way that will make them unrecognizable , turning them into something else as if they owned them . They have made themselves a reference to the religion and an authority and they are the most corrupt people on earth presiding over one the purest spots among holy places . On top of all this, they have been using pilgrimage as a political tool, offering Hajj – for free- to people who subscribe to their authority and work for them and carry on their schemes in various places and countries .

Due to this, we see the number of pilgrims increasing tremendously from all parts of the world , one million , two millions and more to come , half of them- if not more – have been bribed into performing Hajj as a tribute to al Saud , these are the trolls whose first pay comes in form of a round trip to Mekka where they can pay obedience to the so-called masters of the gulf. The Saudis will make sure that those bribed Hujjaj will carry on – back home- their Saudi masters’ policy in addition to spreading a form of religion suitable to Israel and the west. This is how Hajj is being used as a manipulative tool in the hands of Saudis, and this is how Muslims are being used to serve finally the imperialist oppressive powers that they are supposed to fight and defeat the same way the Prophet of Islam fought and defeated the oppressors .

And , if someone is to rejoice in this sad Hajj story , it is for the Syrian people to rejoice over the fact that they have been denied –this year-by the Saudi authorities- entrance to Mekka and performance of Hajj . Maybe this makes them the real pilgrims that they could not become, like Ibn Abi Yakteen was considered by Imam al Sadeq the only devotee- beside himself- who performed Hajj that year, not because Ibn Abi Yakteen made it to Mekka, but because , on his way to Mekka, he met a poor widow with children to whom he gave all his money which forced him to ride back from where he came . For this reason , Ibn Abi Yakteen had deserved -bestowed on him by the Imam al Sadeq – the title of hajj to the exclusion of others who were roaming and screaming all over the Holy place as the Holy Imam described them !!

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