November 6, 2012

Ghadir day was major event in deciding the future of the religion. The Godly part or the divine Legacy had been completed fully , remained the human part, or the human legacy, that had to be fulfilled on behalf of the community. We will not be exaggerating if we said that what we are witnessing nowadays in the deterioration of the religion whereby, in the name of Islam and while calling Allahu Akbar , innocents and civilians-among them children- are being slain- had thus started when the divine injunctions were not carried on by the community .
The reason why the community did not follow the ordinances of the Religion and did not obey the Messenger of God was due to reasons inherent to the community of the believers itself and not to the religion that had been completed . The community had failed the Prophet as it had failed previous Prophets as the subsequent ‘Aayas of the sourat al Maa’ida show .

In order to understand why the community did this , we have only to look at ourselves and see how we act and how we think and what motivates us while we claim to be religious and committed . Greed, ambition and competition divided the Umma . There was turmoil within the community and a tendency to bring back the Jaahillyya days and restore the Quraish hegemony which happened with the advent of Mo’aawiy .

Imam ‘Ali did not impose himself and was- in no way- part of the secret or open deals that were struck between the poles of the community. He was in no way seeking power but the benefit of the Umma and this what made him different from the others who aspired for power .Though he ruled after the third Caliph was assassinated, he could not continue his rule that was usurped from him by the Ruler of Syria Mu’aawiya who represents the coming back of the pre Islamite ruling class of Quraish dressed in the garbs of Islam.

The issue of Ghadir day was totally obscured and still is, and this has caused and is still causing great unsettlement for the Umma . The destitution of ’Ali was a turning point, and the assassination of Imam al Hussein- grand son of the Prophet- was another turning point : a tragedy by all means where the son of Fatima -daughter of the Prophet of Islam- and of ‘Ali- his cousin – was killed and his whole family by the son of Mu’aawiya in a crime that has no equal in the history of religions . The Umma had turned against itself and the Caliphate became continuously haunted by the presence of the Holy progeny of the Rasul whose rights were continuously violated, their cause usurped and their blood continuously spilled.

Look at the religion right now , look at Islam , and look at the majority of Muslims . In number they are faring well but other than that they are doing poorly . Their rulers are rotten, their countries corrupt, their acts and deeds far from being religious . Look at the Muslims now and judge for yourself , look at the Libyans lead by Henry Levy look at Mursi bowing before Clinton . look at the Prince of Qatar and the Saudi king . Look who holds the keys to Mekka , look at the fanatics of Syria , the bearded fanatics bred by Clinton who get paid to kill ; look at Erdugan , look at the surrender to the enemies of the religion , look at all this . Look at the whole world . Look at the wars and famine and genocides and extermination of all forms of life . look at the oppression, the misery , the illiteracy , the spiritual ignorance and the deterioration of moral values . Look at all this and judge for yourself and ask yourself whether this could have been otherwise and why has it ended the way it ended.

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