November 3, 2012

The question was not if Kaddhafi was good or bad , he could have been good or bad or both , the thing is whether good or bad or both , he should have never been removed the way he was removed , he should have never been removed in the first place by Henry Levy and his gang of armed thugs .
He should not have been accessible to his enemies. Never this should have happened to Libya, to go back to European colonialism and be under the rule of NATO and to start waving with the French flags calling this a revolution . This should not have happened and should never happen again.
This thing has been designed for all Arab countries -through UN and with help of Arab Gulf regimes- and the open outspoken collaboration of the Arab League . All this is in store for all Arab Countries because Arab countries never achieved independence ; and if the Arabs will continue to tread this path of calling in NATO or western colonialist forces into Arab countries, then they will all suffer the plight of Iraqia and Libyans .

What Libya is witnessing is not even occupation , it is the rule of armed gangs and the disintegration of a whole country, a country without rule, and the disintegration of the state with all its institutions . This is not a matter of appointing a stooge , it is a matter of leaving the country totally deprived of any form of rule , no government , no army , no president , nothing . Just utter chaos and the purpose is : to facilitate the looting of the country. This is nothing but legalized theft .

Not even the archeological sites were spared , they are being looted as well and the whole Libyan arsenal is being sacked, not to speak of money , gold and bank accounts. . By all this Europe hopes to improve its economical condition and solve the Euro crisis . This money , Europe needed and has counted on to navigate through its crisis that is striking many countries.

Libyans should have never let this happen , in Arabic we say :” Never bring the wolf to your fruit garden” because the wolf will eat it all.. The west is pirate and predator and a great looter before being anything else, but Arabs have always been deluded by the Europeans, fascinated and deluded. This maybe due to inferiority complex implanted in them and lack of awareness and faith and absence of real feeling of belonging to a nation or a country .
They have done this before after WWI , they have started a revolution that was designed by the colonialist which ended up by the occupation of Palestine . The western colonizer had succeeded in raising the feelings of Arabism and pan Arabism –among Arabs-versus the Turkish identity of the ruling Ottoman by catering to this feeling and this ideology to which Arabs were attracted . Colonialists succeeded in having Arabs lead a revolution that had a reverse effect . Instead of achieving Arab unity it lead to the partition of the Arab world and the establishment of the usurping state of Israel. In Libya they fueled the feeling of religious belonging and of Islam which made the whole thing look as if Islam achieved victory over Kufr which is something amazing when you learn that the designer of the whole revolutionary show was none other than Zionist Bernard Henry Levy.

Apparently Arabs have not learned their lesson . And in Lebanon a similar scenario was designed after Hariri’s death, and you would have seen the French flags waving again in the skies instead of the Lebanese flag in what was called falsely the Cedars’ Revolution and was designed in the back stage of the US embassy; .But not much could be achieved in Lebanon because of the presence of the wise victorious Lebanese Resistance that turned down all world order schemes .This identification with the Resistance and awareness of the fact of the Resistance and the radical stand regarding the enemy are the passports to safety and security.

Now the majority of the Lebanese of all religions and sects know who their enemy is and will not trust the western predators into meddling in the country’s affairs under any circumstance . This sense of autonomy and sovereignty the victorious Resistance brought to the country . Many of us know now that western hegemony is evil- by all standards -and is to be shunned regarding most vital issues . We have learned our lesson that whatever the west brings to us in terms of settling our internal situation –whether under the garb of Islam or modernism -cannot but be wrong and harmful.

For each Arab President and Arab country there is a file and a secret plot undermining every iota of independence.
Every bit of independence is to be prevented at the right time.

Kaddhafi did not expect such time to come, he was not prepared, he thought he had settled his differences with the predator west, had paid compensations for Lockerby that he didn’t commit , had surrendered his nuclear weapons , had settled everything that needed to be settled to start a new chapter altogether.

New chapter there was but at the expense of Kaddhafi and Libya . Kaddhafi forgot that he was dealing with predators in whose eyes all is food and edible , with people who have no moral or logical behavior , lead by their insatiable greed and urge to usurp anything within reach , he paid the price of his ignorance of his enemy’s nature.

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