November 14, 2012

Important decisive things have their own secret and so the successful Resistance against Israel has its own secret . Its secret lies in the restoration of the order of things, in its connection to the Real order of things -after a great havoc has plagued the Arab/Israeli conflict and caused the loss of Arab and Palestinian rights . What is this victorious Resistance against whom the whole world has rallied , and what is its place in the Order of things , and how is this Resistance and its two victories- over the Western allied powers – making the actual history of the world conflict? The truth is that all the turmoil that our region has been witnessing lately, starting from the Arab Springs to the assault on Syria, has for goal the undermining of the victorious Resistance that triumphed over the western establishment by defeating its offspring Israel; a defeat that the western establishment suffered as a whole and is not close to forget.

This defeat- even restricted- cannot be accepted by the western establishment, because it might be the prelude to other more important defeats and, like Ben Gourion said , Israel shall be defeated after it loses the first war, when its weakness and vulnerability will be revealed to all –who will come to know of another Order of things.. Well, this prediction has started materializing to the point that the western establishment is rethinking the project of Israel and reevaluating it and reaching conclusions that are not in favor of the usurping state . Even Kissinger who exerted so much effort for the subsistence of Israel by sowing local conflict everywhere in the Arab world, is saying that, in a decade or so , there will be no Israel and this is not a speculation on his behalf but a realistic statement .

To reach this point -no doubt- means that Israel has become a burden to the west. It has lost its glamour and glory, its strength and its invincibility . The west can no more afford –it seems- such a costly ally who -not only has not been able to expand lately- but has been also shamefully defeated despite his military supremacy, and has been exposed and targeted from all sides. What is the benefit of Israel -the western establishment is asking – and what credit does it give or add to the western luster ? Due to this, great insecurity has taken hold of the Israeli society expressed in the position of many Israeli academicians and intellectuals who are seeking helplessly an answer to the question : in what form and according to which formula and under which label is Israel to continue to exist? No definite answer has been given to this question yet and no answer is closely expected .

This is but to show us that the men of the Lebanese Resistance not only have defeated the 5th army in strength world wide and caused Israel to withdraw twice from Lebanon, but have rocked the very existence of the usurping state; a rogue state whose survival was made possible thanks to the collaboration of affiliated Arab ruling systems and to its capacity to claim strength and invincibility helped and sustained by the world order.. .

Who is this Resistance that shook the world order of things , and who are its men who fulfilled the Arab dream that remained unfulfilled for at least sixty years , and what made these victories possible – after decades of defeats? So many times we- Arabs- have been defeated to the point that the word Arab has become synonym to defeat, as the word Israel has become synonym to power . From one defeat to another we were taken by our failing systems and our dubious affiliated rulers and politicians and by an inadequate- so called- Palestinian Resistance that caused the Palestinian rights to be wasted . No need to mention that partition of the Arab world and acculturation had prepared the ground for this state of surrender and apathy .

Never was Israel met –throughout history – or confronted by any Real resistance , it was met by pseudo resistances that never became real, and by armies that lacked the proper organization and proper initiation into the nature of the enemy and the reality of the conflict. Armies and resistances used to flee in front of the Israeli army and the Arabs dealt with this reality as a bitter irreversible fact . Whenever there was Resistance, as it happened , it was either a matter of isolated acts and limited operations that had no continuity , or a matter of personal initiative on behalf of individuals or groups of people who will not accept surrender or defeat .

Some of these instantaneous and short-lived resistances were successful but they were not capable of forming a permanent ground or a platform for a real Resisting movement.

The real Resistance started with the men of Allah , with Hizbullah, , when the Israelis fleeing Beirut in 1982, chased by the instantaneous armed resistance, settled in the south with their tanks and established there their headquarters. There -in the south -they were going to meet another kind of Resistance which -after 18 years of struggle- will drive them totally out of Lebanon after suffering unimaginable losses and defeats.

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