October 11, 2012

We were about to celebrate the fourth centennial of the foundation of the first permanent English colony in a place which name was erased from the human history and over which remains , the colonizers built a colony called Jamestown in honor of their king James the first. The WASP paranoia was at its peak when it started doing away with the Natives and attributing to them all kinds of savagery and cannibalism , while praising the English colonialists – who had landed in 1607 -calling them angels.

The first historical references draw a different picture of these angels who spread on earth the highest and most noble traditions; and these references agree upon the fact that 104 colonialists claiming to be Israeli Hebraists landed in this place called Jamestown and the Native Pawhatans welcomed them and fed them and showed them how to survive in this tough environment . After establishing their colony -that was in the shape of a triangle- the settlers bit the hand that fed them and honored them and gave them the land on which they built their colony . They started an extermination campaign against the Natives that covered the land of Pawhatans with corpses and skulls that hardly found anyone to bury them.. The genocide caused the settlers to suffer from hunger again which pushed them to eat the corpses of the Natives whom they had killed sometimes even attacking their graves during night to extract the body and steal it and eat the fresh remains . After that – pushed by hunger as they were – they started eating the white men bodies to the point that one of them killed his wife and ate her flesh leaving the head untouched.

** ”America and the cultural genocides” by Prof Munir Akash

The above reveals the reality about the English white settlers who conquered North of America . What kind of people these settlers were or these Europeans in general who did not know how to wash in the first place or how to eat and what to eat . After they were fed by the Natives , they killed the Natives who fed them and they were left with nothing to eat so they ate the natives and when they were done with them they started eating their own people . The settlers have not so much changed , they are really still the same people except that due to the wealth they have usurped and made by enslaving and demonizing people , they can now , somehow fake being human , civilized and evolved , in fact they are sharpening their knives and getting their nuclear weapons ready and their teeth sharpened to attack and eat their next victim

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