November 11, 2012

Again Arafat , there is need to come to terms with Arafat , the Palestinian leader who left his people homeless after leading them for more than half a century .with the vain hope to liberate the land and return to Palestine . Go to any Palestinian camp in Lebanon and elsewhere and you will have questions regarding the person called Arafat . How did he leave his people enduring this plight while he has secured millions for his wife and daughter? Again our intention is not at all to defame the person but to understand what has happened to the Palestinian cause that caused it to hang in nowhere after offering so many martyrs and sacrifices and after so much bloodshed while- it has been proved by experience- that Israel is not invincible as it pretends to be . Why the unquestionable leader of his people – called Arafat- did not master the art of war nor that of negotiation nor that of political settlement and arrangement ? Why couldn’t he at least improve a little the life of his people within the Palestinian camp ? Why did he leave his people behind in Lebanon and elsewhere to be slaughtered by Israelis ? Why couldn’t he stop the dramatic deterioration of the Palestinian situation? Why did he befriend the Israelis and favored them over his people by giving them what they wanted at the time they wanted it and in the way they wanted it.

Compared to other leaders or revolutionaries how does Arafat fare ? How does he fare compared to Hoshi Minh or Guevara or Castro ? How does he fare compared to Nasser for example ? Why was his entourage so corrupt ? One of the most corrupt entourages on earth ? Look at the picture in this post where he is playing and joking with Ihud Barack . You know who is Ihud Barack and you know how did he pay Lebanon a visit on one of the dark days of year 1973.. During this year –on this day- Ihud Barack came by sea with his group of commandos and -dressed as a woman- sneaked into the apartments of three major Palestinian leaders : Kamal ‘Udwaan, Kamal Nasser and Yusuf al Najjar and slaughtered them with cold blood . This is the man whom Arafat is greeting and playing with , Who gave him the right to play and joke with the killer of the three major Palestinian leaders or had Barack he by his criminal act –knowingly or unknowingly- rendered Arafat a big service?

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