We will not stop speaking about this victory of 2006 the divine victory from the celebration and owning of which the Arab masses were deprived and Muslims also though it equally belongs to them . The news was not delivered to them in all its glories . The watch dogs were there trying to camouflage it and ignore it and act in a way that this news will not reach . It was a miracle that was hardly acknowledged and celebrated in the Arab World but it is not too late and one can still get in touch with what happened.

Who won in this war- finally- and who reaped this victory , and for whom this victory was meant? Was it the victory of Sayyed Nasrullah or that of the Freedom Fighters of the Resistance or the victory of Arabs or of Islam ? The truth is that this victory belongs to those who felt it, and lived it – directly and indirectly- and related to it and identified with it and with those who experienced it, and sacrificed for it, and all the others who partook in this achievement . There is a precious lesson and a precious experience as well for all . A lesson for free to all the peoples and individuals also, that to be independent is possible, and to live with dignity is also possible, and to preserve one’s sovereignty and integrity is possible and is a necessity that should not be ignored or neglected .

There is no future for subjugation and humiliation and submission for individuals or nations . The oppressive powers should not take over, they should be stopped and prevented by all means whatever the price is , What we are trying to preserve is most precious, more precious than life itself .This evil administration should be defeated and there is no choice and this why resistance is needed. We exist as long as we resist and preserve our integrity and autonomy..

***photo of israeli soldiers evacuating a wounded soldier during the July 2006war, probably while running away


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