January 2, 2013

Get up it is revolution time , get ready and don’t forget to bring al Jazeera crew along to add some pep and some manipulation and fiction to complete and fill the gaps in the scenery. All the Arab Sheikhs of the Gulf are ready for the new experience they never dreamt of , at last the Revolution in its fanciest dress is knocking at their fancy doors . Who said revolutions were restricted to masses , to workers or to oppressed people around the world ? the Arab Sheikhs and Arab princes and Gulf rulers have also the right to their own revolutions , because a successful Sheikh is someone who can get anything he wants or anything his close allies want , be it a Revolution of some sort which he can add to his collection of cars and women and property and expensive items .

The thing that the Wealthy Gulf Sheikhs discovered is that revolutions can also be purchased and made up , all you have to do is get your hand into your purse and distribute few weapons and some money to some disadvantaged people who lack some essentials and there you are , you have made your revolution and become a famous revolutionary. . Of course our respectful Sheikhs are not so creative , they rely on foreign intelligence for anything that is innovative , but they are always ready to carry on the cruel schemes of their allies , and there is no need to worry if things go out of hand because there is always the NATO who can come in time to the rescue .

The sheikh of Qatar is of course the star of the revolutionaries , he followed step by step the partition of Sudan along with the Egyptian upheavals and will not leave until he made sure Egyptians triumphed over their tyrant because he cannot get any rest if some people are ruled by tyrants and not enjoying freedom and democracy, his heart is always on the side of the people that is why he sent his tanks to Bahrain to crush the Bahrainis and is paying for each missile dropped by NATO over Libya from his own pocket, all this has been accurately calculated by the revolutionary Sheikh as an intrinsic part of the revolution .

As for the king of KSA, he has become a great revolutionary as well, and before even allowing Saudi women to get to the wheel and drive their cars, he has launched a huge revolutionary campaign in Lebanon and in Syria led by fanatic thugs who hope to spread freedom and democracy the way it is spread in Saudi Arabia and get rid of all dictators except the Saudi king.

And there is more to come , these revolutions are spreading like fire in fuel, and the Revolutionary Sheikhs hope by this way, that normalization , recognition and peace agreements can become the natural outcome of revolutions instead of being the outcome of unfair treaties and of compromises and concessions made by suspicious Arab presidents .

Wake up it is revolution time where rich ,repressive Arab Gulf countries have become the model for democracies and the prince of Qatar the revolutionary of the century.

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