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December 17, 2012

The Sheikh of the Martyrs led the rejection of normalization with the occupation

His speech in the face of an Israeli officer who broke into his home, became a banner in the facing of occupation , and contributed greatly to its defeat over most of southern Lebanon, said Sheikh Ragheb Harb to the Israeli officer who offered his hand: ” handshake is recognition and the stand is a weapon .”. It contributed to the release of grassroots resistance and armed resistance, which were the weapons which forced Israel to withdraw in the end. This stand cost the Sheikh his life in-16 February 1984, which was an additional reason to promote the option of resistance and contributed to fuelling the sparks of resistance and popular opposition to the occupation, he was truly the Sheikh of Martyrs.
Which Islam

What is happening now is that the forces of Islam are being tested on the ground , which Islam is capable of living up to the challenge and which is the Islam that will not live up to the challenge . there is no position in between , There is no difference between Muslims as a matter of fact except for the way regarding this challenge , other differences are minor and not really significant . What is significant is how Muslims behave toward the Palestinian and Arab cause .
The Lebanese Resistance has made its choice but HAMAS seems not wanting to join the Resisting forces on the ground maybe because HAMAS lacks the adequate understanding or religious awareness that will enable it to embark on such endeavor . One has to know that the Lebanese Resistance has developed the proper understanding within the frame of religion that made possible the kind of commitment the men and the leadership are showing .whereas HAMAS want to cross to the mild Islam and the normalizing Islam with the west and Israel.

The position of Turkey is indeed surprising regarding Syria . Turkey wants to help operating a change in the Syrian regime in favor of Israel and is doing everything in order to achieve this but has failed until now . The Turkish model of a Sunni Islam that is so successful in maintaining and developing relations with Israel -during decades and at all levels- is to be generalized in the Arab world as an alternative and substitute to the resisting Islam . Turkey is been taken as a model and Erdugan endowed with the mission to implement this model in Syria with the help of gulf countries . They will all work as one hand to defeat the forces of the Resistance starting with Syria which is the weakest link.. Same scheme is in store for other countries where moderate Islam-friend of Israel-shall rule and is ruling now whether in Egypt or Tunisia or elsewhere . The same scheme is in store for HAMAS who has also joined the anti resistance forces lending a helping hand in Syria .

The Arab Spring has been stirred for the same reason also , it started in Turkey and brought Erdugan to power and took other Arab countries , The only way to fight the forces of the armed Resistance- which is an Islamic Resistance- is by the means of another Islam , a modified Islam, sowing discord in the nation in the name of sectarianism where Shi’as who form the actual resisting forces and who are real Muslims are considered heretics and the enemies of religion by their own brothers who seek to replace them.

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