November 23, 2012

Listen to Mash’al and also to Abdallah Shallah trying to exploit the Palestinian Resistance achievements in the war on Gaza to the favor of Egypt . Listen to Mash’al – in his press conference -praising Egypt and praising Mursi , then praising Egypt, and again praising Mursi, and again Egypt and Mursi and the head of the Egyptian Intelligence …

Ra’fat Shahade , and praising the prince of Qatar as well . All these he had to praise , the prince of Qatar , he almost praised the US administration and one wonders why he fell from praising Israel .
After all this out of place praise which exceeded the praise of the victorious Resistance , Iran deserved a short mention and a shorter thanking for providing all these weapons without which Gaza could have been wiped out. Mash’al almost apologized for thanking Iran, he sounded as if he wanted to be forgiven for having to thank Iran . Then he had to justify this for his sectarian allies and friends saying that he and Iran have different positions regarding Syria and that he stands for the Syrians’ rights -as if the war on Syria had for purpose to implement civil liberties- and he added that there was no contradiction between granting civil rights and Resistance .

What a joke Mr. Mash’al .! All people know why this war is launched on Syria who has been supplying the Lebanese and Palestinian Resistance with weapons, and was hosting the Palestinian Resistance of HAMAS and Jihad, and these weapons are the ones that permitted the Palestinians to resist and to keep Israelis off Gaza . Mr. Mash’al seems to have forgotten this or maybe he does not want to remember , it is not in his interest to remember .

Finally the fighters of the Resistance were hardly mentioned by Mash’al in this gathering that was supposed to be a celebration of victory , and Gaza will be able to have a deserved truce after such hard times but one wonders who is the main winner here and whether Egypt , the US and- de facto- Israel have a share in it since the Gaza issue will be monitored by Egypt. The Egyptian authorities will make sure that Palestinians do not get one single piece of weaponry since they had just seized –today- a cargo of weapons destined to reach Gaza composed of heads of rockets and number of bullets . By this Egypt will be in charge of resuming the task for which the war on Syria was launched which is to prevent the supply of the Resistance with weapons.

The feast is now filling the streets of Gaza . What has been achieved is instant cease fire on both sides on all fronts , while the other Palestinian demands of removing the siege and release the prisoners etc…will be handled by the Egyptian authorities . Meanwhile, the situation in Gaza will remain in limbo while undeserved credibility has been given by Palestinians to the Arab Spring rulers and to the president of Egypt and the prince of Qatar who will confine the cause to its sectarian limits at the detriment of Syria, the real mother of the child .

Previously when victories over Israel were celebrated- in Egypt or in Palestine -the Flag of Hizbullah will be raised high and waving above all flags . Today -in the skies of Gaza- the flags of Egypt and Qatar are to be seen and that of Hizbullah -the defeater of Israel- the author of the two astounding victories over the usurping state- is being replaced by the flags of normalization and recognition.

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