December 1, 2012

And finally we have retrieved Palestine !Thanks to Mahmoud Abbas and the UN and the International Community, the impossible has become possible and now we have finally a seat in the UN , not a real one, not as real as that of Israel of course , but nevertheless a seat in the International Community where Mahmoud Abbas can sit and enjoy the great achievement of his life and a great moment in the History of Palestine .

Now that we have retrieved Palestine we don’t know what to do with it , we don’t know where to go either , we hope to go to the International Court and sue Israel for crimes against humanity, but we will not go of course. We will not do anything , the Israelis will do, they will build settlements and confiscate territories, and take over Jerusalem and dig underneath al Aqsa and build walls of segregation and increase their check points and normalize with HAMAS and provoke Palestinians and shell Gaza and arrest and incarcerate people and negotiate with Mursi and kill leaders and commit massacres from time to time . The Israelis will do all this while Abbas is enjoying his seat, and they will do more than this …much much more .

The truth is that the Palestinian Cause has been auctioned and set for sale . Before it deteriorates and dies it has been set for sale . The last nail added to its coffin being the sectarian alignment of HAMAS and- between ABBAS and HAMAS- Palestine is being lost . And yet we have the guts to celebrate and congratulate and wave our flags which is what is left of the cause . Not only we have come back empty handed but we have given Israel a legal status.

We have recognized its sovereignty over the territories occupied in 1948 while we remained bereft of any sovereignty over any state or territory , whether Gaza or Ramallah. The refugees will remain refugees and the prisoners will remain prisoners and Abbas will remain in his seat .

We are reaping thus the fruits of the Arab Spring , the bitter fruits of the barren Spring . This Spring that has started with Palestine to end up in Palestine. The Spring designed by the US administration to counterpart the rise of the Iranian power , to counterpart the Islam that overthrew the Shah, the Islam that restored the power to the people , the Islam that recovered the Natural order of things , the Islam that closed the Israeli embassy and opened –instead- the Embassy of Palestine , the Islam that chased out the colonialists and imperialists and their clientele , the Islam that proved that a country can build its own autonomy and independence and defend its own integrity , the Islam that proved that an Islamic revolution can work miracles , the dangerous Islam , the Islam that defeated the imperialists and vanquished Israel , the Islam of the Resistance of Hizbullah , the Islam of the missiles of different ranges targeting and hitting Israel ; this Islam and not any other Islam.
To take care of this Islam the west started its maneuvers and started stirring- in the Arab world- what is called the Arab Spring that is no more than a series of social agitations that could turn into direct assaults or prepare the ground for foreign invasions of this or that country . There is no doubt that the Arab Spring did not spring from nothing , it is the outcome of careful studies that focused on the behavior and mental structure of the Arab masses . It was found out that -by exploiting the dissatisfaction and frustration of the Arab masses, and by fueling their religious and sectarian prejudices- the world Order can take care of the growing support to the armed Resistance of Hizbullah, and succeed in isolating the triumphant Resistance for the benefit of a fake moderate Sunni Islam- set against the Shi’as – that will promote an Islam liable to coexist with Israel and will -on the other hand -hire and use -on the ground – fanatic groups to create instability and havoc and instigate riots .
This is the world Order Spring, and the UN and US Spring that took over many Arab countries -one after the other -sowing discord among the population, and turning the Arab masses against their rulers, and getting them involved in toppling these rulers without being able to replace them. All this while making them believe that they were acting in the name of Democracy and religion . The purpose is getting them involved in internal fights and make them forget their essential enemy and prevent them from embracing the victories achieved by the armed Resistance of Hizbullah and from identifying with these victories the way they should .

Now it is for Palestine to have its own Spring and there is no removal here of some ruler or president , What is required here is simply to forsake the cause and to liquidate it and this has been done by both HAMAS and ABBAS , first by joining the sectarian alignment of pro Zionist normalizing Islam that is harmful to the cause , at the expense of the Resistance, and second by accepting the compromise of a virtual Palestinian State in exchange of the relinquishment of the refugees’ right to return and of all other Palestinian rights .

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