The Chosen President Of The Chosen Country


December 30, 2012

It is up to the people to decide on which side they want to be and with how to start their coming new year . Do they want to be on the side of dignity or on the side of indignity ? Let the people , all people decide their position in this coming year , let them decide whether they will stand on the side of those who are protecting man or on the side of those who are exposing him ,and let them not hide their minds and heads in some sectarian or racist affiliation.

Do they want to start the New Year all over again with Obama and his Gulf stooges or they seek something different ? Do they want hired killers to decide for their lives and for that of their children or they want safety for themselves and their children ? Do they want to live under the law of hired executioners and war lords or they want to live according to their individual beliefs that are in harmony with others’ ?

It is Syria and the Syrians and the president of Syria who are now defending and protecting humanity against the killers who are set loose by the mad world order to slaughter half of the humanity and subjugate the other half . These killers work under the label of freedom and democracy , the democracy of Uncle Sam and that of Israel . This democracy is being exported every where and has caused now the death of 40 thousand Syrians and the displacement of hundreds of thousands and the destruction of churches and the persecution of minorities and the killing of so many innocents. This is the law of Uncle Sam, the same Uncle Sam who destroyed Libya after destroying Iraq and who is unsettling the whole Arab world .

The problem of Syria is that it is not bending and will not bend . : The problem of the president of Syria is that he does not want blood and chaos to rule over Syria .

All people are invited on this new year event to identify their enemy and get acquainted with him: the enemy of man and that of humanity in general . Who is the enemy man ?
Who is working on destroying man and disintegrating societies ?
What is US doing and Obama and Cameron and the Gulf stooges and Arab puppets, and what is Israel doing?

Let us ask this question and look into their deeds and then let us look at those who are facing this enemy and confronting him with all that they have got and let us be honest about it .
Is Syria the country that is invading and threatening other countries with war and nuclear weapons ? Is the president of Syria waging war on Afghanistan and Pakistan ?
Did he shell Gaza an bombard Lebanon , did he kill one million Iraqis ?

There is no point in defending ourselves if we mistake the enemy . Let us identify him and acknowledge his actions and deeds , let us open the eyes of our friends and enemies to the fact that, in some remote place , in a country of the Arab world, a president and his people have been chosen to defend man against the enemies of man and to stand up to the right of people to exist and live with dignity and the right of a country to be independent and autonomous .

Somewhere, in some place, in a homeland called Syria, a battle is taking place between the forces of good and the forces of evil .
Somewhere, in some remote place, your future and the future of your children will be decided. Somewhere in a remote place, the forces of evil have rallied against a man and against a country and are spilling blood and sacrificing innocence and causing utter destruction every where .

Let those who have been deceived open their eyes or those who believe that there is anything happening there that could be called revolution open their eyes and ears . What is happening in Syria is the assault of forces inimical to man. Call it sectarianism or whatever , it is simply man who is targeted in all this by criminals who have no other identity.

It has thus been decided that this remote place called Syria – which has become the homeland to all- carries the banner of Resistance to evil and freedom from the forces of evil and salvation and resurrection .It has been decided that president Bashshar al Assad becomes the hero of such endeavor that involves confronting the biggest conspiracy ever carried on against a peaceful country and a peaceful people

Happy New Year Syria! May Syria teach us all the lesson of Resistance and freedom ! May its enemies be cursed and doomed! May the president of Syria reap the benevolent fruits of his courage, commitment and forbearance ! Happy New Year Syria , let this year start a new chapter in the history of mankind where the forces of evil will learn the lesson of their lives!

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