The Chosen People


December 26, 2012

So the last shall be first, and the first last, for many are called, and few chosen.’Matthew 20:16

When God chooses, someone , or if God chooses people ,he does not choose them to favor them materially in any way or give them material privileges, because these are not real and eternal ; God chooses them to give them a spiritual experience and enlightenment and not to enjoy mater…ial welfare or supremacy in their condition of ignorance .

On the contrary the chosen ones are prone to suffer in this world. Therefore the notion of chosen people is a big hoax , because God will not choose people to have them commit acts of or aggression and assault and theft and genocide , he choose people to have them tread the right path of austerity and truthfulness and renunciation and relinquishment of the ego .

How come people (spiritual illiteracy ) have swallowed this theory of chosen people who want to expand and flourish and acquire material strength and wealth in their ignorance as a religious ideology ? there is nothing religious about it , on the contrary there is the opposite meaning , they are chosen for the punishment in hell.

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