November 23, 2012

We have come to know victories : we know how they taste and how they smell . There is no doubt that we are witnessing here –in Gaza- something very strange that reminded us of the victories we have lived and witnessed. We know what a victory is and there is an element of victory in what happened in Gaza ; for sure that the missiles of different ranges shook Israel , they reached far and exposed the inefficiency of the Iron dome that has been the pride of Israel for sometime . This dome was only successful in intercepting less than one third of the launched missiles. Once again, the equipment does not meet the demand and maybe the dome is doomed to meet the fate of the Mirkava that was defeated at the hands of the Lebanese freedom Fighters to the point that it is no more marketable.

Certainly the missiles and weapons were victorious, and they are Iranian for one reason, and have proved their efficiency in the war on Lebanon and we could feel the victory of Iran in all this, and the Spirit of the Islamic Revolution brought all the way from Iran to fight the arrogant enemy . The defeat of the Israelis was also felt , and this is something we have also grown familiar with . We know when the Israelis have been defeated , just by the way they look and speak we know . The Israelis looked defeated . Who wants them to win any way ? Not even their allies can afford to have them win all the way because their allies have something else on their minds -other than a final Israeli victory -that will block other alternatives. Having lost actually will not prevent the Israelis from turning eventually into winners after some time and that is what they have in mind .

The ones who lost this war – along with the Israelis -are the Palestinians themselves -despite the celebrations and demonstrations and eloquent speeches; they are potential losers anyhow and their loss will unfold -gradually and surely -as the reality of their situation unfolds . No doubt this is a very complex situation that presents itself on more than a level. There is victory but no victorious party on either part except the principle- or the concept of armed Resistance- that came out triumphant from all this . And even if this concept is to the advantage of the Palestinians , it will not be invested in this way and the Palestinians will not be in a position to reap its fruits and the reason is the sectarian impasse they have been pushed into and their incapacity to stand with their ally Syria.

This concept would be neutralized to the advantage of the Israelis who will wake up one day to the fact that, if the dome of iron had failed them , their allies -among western and Arab rulers- have provided them with a much more efficient shield by neutralizing the threatening armed Resistance. This neutralization- if it happens, and it is happening- will take care of the Israeli need for security along with its right to self defense and hoard weapons and develop arms . Thus both parties: Palestinians and Israelis will be put under check.

The real victorious party in all this is definitely the Arab Spring , the spring of Hillary and Obama and that of the Prince of Qatar and their second rate clientele like Mursi , Mash’al and Haniyya , and the sectarian Islam that is faring nowaday better than Zionism . These are the ones who seem to be benefiting from this limited victory, and who will use it as a tool to resume and escalate their attack on Syria after acquiring the credibility granted by this apparent victory ; credibility that is to challenge Iran , Hizbullah and Syria as authors of real victories over Israel. For this reason this war was not to finalise the issues of Palestinians or the issue of Gaza, but to decide for the future of the battle of Syria .

Finally , the matter is not that of thanksgiving or praising Iran which HAMAS and JIHAD have been doing thinking they were paying thus their due to the Islamic Republic and Hizbullah , the matter is whether they are on the right track or not .The Palestinians are not on the right track , they have turned against their allies who inspired them and supplied them at great risk, and they are raising the flags of their enemies while celebrating their so called victory which they owe so much to the allies and friends they have forsaken!

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