Team Palestina : Charity With Sectarian Teeth

aljazeera (1)

December 30, 2012

Everything looks so proper and neat . An aid convoy for the Syrian people , the funding : small contributions from Mosques all over UK ! The Work : volunteer , done by volunteer workers . How touching ! The objective : Help the Syrian people by treating and giving medical care to the Thugs of the Opposition who get wounded on the battle ground . Finan…cers : a dubious society called the “ UK Arab Society” not listed in the Arab Societies of Britain but associated to a sex scandal and headed by a certain Mohammad al Haddad who seems to have links with Libya . The donations -collected or bought by the team – were handed over to the IHH : Turkish so called NGO that takes orders of course from the Turkish government and organized the Freedom Flotilla movement and who seems to be somehow partly responsible for the killings that happened on board of the Mavi Marmara .

The Team specializes “in mobile charity work” – as they claim- that is why they are going to leave their four wheel drives -among them a police minivan- in Syria to facilitate the moves of the thugs of the opposition back and forth . Very charitable indeed ! And how they got to Syria is the wonder of most wonders , just by a tap on the shoulder on behalf of the Turkish frontier guards . Their papers were not complete , they had missing documents but they let them in alright- into Syria – by the Turkish guards who seem to be as charitable as them because they are carrying humanitarian aid. The covering story -on their page- for this “ charitable activity” is- of course – Palestine and Gaza and the love of Palestinians that is translated in effective aid for the terrorists who are destroying Syria by orders of the CIA and British and French Intelligence. Their page is not only full of talk about Palestine but about Christians as well and churches and priests with even a picture of a hug between Mahmoud Abbas and the Priest of the Latin church of Jerusalem . All this to hide that they are siding with the sectarian fanatic thugs of the opposition! You talk about charity? This is charity indeed!!

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