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US expert – Ziad al Hafiz – from the Radio of the Resistance . The US cannot preserve its existence as a republic if it does not wage outside wars and does not try to expand its hegemony . The United States is threatened with disintegration and partition, and the referendum in Texas revealed that 60% of the Population want to separate from the US .

From these facts , one can deduce that the dismantling of the European Union will be followed by that of the United States, and it is not far fetched to say that the US will dissolve itself the same way Britain decided to defect . This will be in order to preserve what remains of USA that is facing serious existential problems that it can barely survive . What will be the fate of NATO ? The NATO will stay but will look for other grounds to prosper like Russia for example .Al Hafiz does not exclude the possibility that NATO invades Russia.

The US has already saved and maintained the Russian arsenals, and renewed Russia’s weaponry including Russia’s nuclear heads. And if Russia has weapons at all it is thanks to the United states that took in charge the Russian weapon industry. Therefore, these weapons that Russia displays and sells on every occasion belong also to the United States and more so than they belong to Russia, and who knows if USA will not come to claim what’s hers.


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