December 20, 2012

This happened in the new continent at the end of the eighteenth century between the white settlers and the Natives. Read and draw the parallels between the Puritan settlers and the Al qa’ida hired mercenaries acting now in Syria. Read and you will know that history repeats itself and that the Puritans of the United States were the first terrorists and that they inspired the Wahhabis and Salafists of today as they inspired the Zionists of yesterday.

The ruler of Pittsburg realized that it was not proper to keep Native war prisoners after they had converted to Christianity , so he set them free and with them the priest Scheboesch who was half Native and was taken prisoner too . This is how the Natives reached Sandusky while the priest went to submit to the Indian Church a report of what has happened. This humanitarian attitude on behalf of the ruler caused an increase in the number of converted Natives who were considered by the settlers as Canaanites who deserved to be killed mercilessly and wiped out of the face of the earth.

When the White settlers of Muskingum came to know about the release of the converted Natives, they formed a team of 160 men and gathered around Whiling and Buffalo and decided first to surprise them and destroy their houses and then head to Sandusky and kill all the converted ones and destroy their church.

The settlers headed first to Gnadenhuetten and they reached it on March the 6th and one mile ahead of the colony they met priest Scheboesch fired on him and killed him . According the killers’ testimony the young priest started imploring them saying that he was a Christian White man, but they did not buy what he said because they only saw his native half . They killed him and mutilated his body with their axes and then reached the Natives who were staying in their farms. They besieged them pretending to be their friends and asked them to go to their houses and promised them never to hurt them expressing great concern for what they have been through during their imprisonment and promising to protect them.

The poor Natives who did not know anything about the death of the priest believed what the settlers told them so they headed to their houses with the settlers whom they welcomed and honored. There was a barrel of wine among their large supplies so they told the settlers that this was for God’s holy dinner and that they will carry it to Sandusky ; but the settlers advised them that it was safer to go to Pittsburg . Due to their faith in Christian brotherhood, the Natives surrendered everything they had as rifles and axes to the settlers to keep them until their return , and not only this, but they showed their brothers where they kept their food supplies .

During this time, assistant John Martin went to Salem with his troop and informed the converted Natives of the coming of the White friends and he told them not to fear for their lives because he came with his people to carry them to a safe place and to secure help and support for them .. The converted Natives felt thus secured in Salem and trusted in the hands of their white brothers especially that they used to discuss with them many spiritual issues.

At this time the natives of Gnadenhuetten were attacked by the settlers by surprise , they were arrested and chained and the Natives of Salem endured the same fate..

The settlers had argued among themselves about how to kill the converted Natives. Some wanted to burn them alive while others wanted to head scalp them upon which they finally agreed. For this reason they sent one of them to the Natives to inform them that they are going to be killed tomorrow and have to die in faith. .

After that the settlers led them inside the houses and gathered all the brothers and sisters like lambs to be slaughtered . the converted Natives said to their executioners that they were calling upon God to testify for their innocence and that they were ready to die willingly and considering the fact that once converted they had promised God that they shall live in Him and obey Him, they asked their executioners to give them some time to pray and ask forgiveness . This is how the Natives spent their night praying and imploring showing their faith until the last breath.

The Day of the slaughter (8th of March) the settlers prepared two houses : one for the brothers and the other for the sisters and children and called the houses : Slaughter Houses. As for the Natives , some of them were worried that their death was not drawing near while the others said that they were ready to die and that they have surrenders their selves to God who in return has put peace in their hearts and promised them that they will return to Him.

After that the slaughter started , the brothers proceeded two by two tied with ropes , they were scalped alive and then killed.

By the testimonies of the criminals themselves the victims greeted death happily with the exception of few. . Sister Christina who spoke English and German kneeled down and begged the criminals to spare her but they said they couldn’t .

During this morning the settlers scalped 96 converted Natives while alive among them 34 children and then they killed them. Only two teenagers got away ; one sixteen, the other fifteen who made it miraculously from the executioners’ hands , one of them sneaked through an opening to the basement of the house where sister Christina was slaughtered and remained there all night where the blood of the victims reached him through the basement ceiling . The other called Thomas was hit on his head , scalped and then dropped . He woke up swimming in a sea of dead bodies and blood . He remained quiet all night and then he crawled until the door and finding no one went out fled to the forest where he hid.

The two children met in the forest but before leaving to Sandusky they heard their executioners celebrating their victory and setting fire to the two houses full of dead bodies

Adapted from Munir Akesh: America And The Cultural Genocides


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