December 21, 2012

The battle for Palestine is taking place in Syria, and it is Syria and the Syrians and the president of Syria and the Syrian National Army who are engaged right now in the battle for Palestine ; engaged and facing the fiercest of battles ,a decisive battle where the fate of Palestine is being decided . And while peace activists are getting mobilized for Palestine, and gathering for Palestine, and rallying for Palestine, and heading to Palestine, and writ…ing about Palestine and raising the Palestinian flag, while all this is happening for Palestine, the Palestinian cause itself is leaving Palestine heading to Syria where it is constituting the heart of the struggle that opposes the Syrian Arab Army and the non compromising non normalizing forces of the Resistance to the pro Zionists forces of the world .

There is no room for the Palestinian cause in Palestine because the Palestinian cause cannot live amidst recognition of the enemy and negotiation with the enemy and exchange with him , amidst oil money and corruption and surrender and fake revolutions and false flag springs and NGOSs of all sorts , amidst fanaticism and sectarianism and many ailments that have stricken the Pales…tinian leadership in general and caused the loss of the cause , so much Palestine became loaded with alien additions and infiltrated by all kinds of foreign bodies and used and exploited and drained .. .

The cause cannot live in such an environment that is in no more auspicious but has become stained and contaminated.. What caused this stain is the relinquishment of the armed struggle in favor of the sectarian alignment .The cause had found a safe haven in Gaza for the last two decades, but things have changed because armed Resistance was forsaken in favor of a different kind of settlement and even the last assault on Gaza was part of this settlement and belonged no more to armed Resistance . Gaza celebrated this time while waving the Qatari flag, it was a pathetic celebration indeed , a sectarian celebration for a victory that was supposed to be universal .

To our friends, the real friends of Palestine, we say : There is no point in screaming Palestine while Syria is bleeding for the cause of Palestine . One of the greatest mistakes committed by people in general is that as they do not yield to the call of the oppressed , they are late to answer the call and they answer when it is too late, when the game is over and very little hope remains . In this they are like children , they grab the symbol like a toy and will not let go of it even when it becomes devoid of meaning . How long did it take the solidarity movement to gather for Palestine ? It took too long . Do not wait too long to rally for Syria , you will find Palestine waiting for you there!

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