November 20, 2012

What ‘s going on ? there is no more a way to hide treason and treachery , no more need to hide anything or to praise the Arab spring or think that anything has changed . May They be damned and doomed, the Arab leaders and rulers of the gulf and those of the Arab league as well, may they be all damned and doomed, and with them those whom the Arab spring brought to power , may those be damned and doomed and they will be damned and doomed . The Mursi of Egypt who rushed to destroy the Rafah tunnels the minute the Egyptian soldiers were assassinated in Sinai without even investigating the matter to reach a conclusion as for who committed this atrocity which is probably the Mossad who acted probably in coordination with Egypt agreeing both on destroying the tunnels that link Gaza to the world . The Mursi of Egypt; the brother who wants to play the role of mediator between Palestinians and Israelis as if he were Swedish or Danish and not Arab or Muslim . May Allah curse this mediator who will not mediate anything. This was all but a set up to make sure no weapons will ever reach Gaza through Rafah during the Israeli assault to the point that Technicians were brought all the way to Egypt from USA to make sure the tunnels were closed the way they should be closed .Mursi had to make sure the job of depriving the Resistance from supplies was done properly ; Zionist Mursi. And some dare speak again about Arab springs and Arab revolutions and Arab change . Mr Brother mediator or the Mursi of Hillary will not identify with his kith and kin , with his brother in identity and religion , and even in sect if we are to speak sects. He is to identify with both: his enemy- the Israeli -and his brother -the Palestinian -and this is the mission that has fallen on him , to be nowhere and get nowhere ..

The group of Foreign Arab ministers of the Arab/Zionist League will arrive in Gaza today to do some tourist activity , they will visit hospitals and even carry some wounded children in front of the cameras to show how much they care, and then they will roam around the place to tell the world how things have changed and how revolutions have made miracles . Of course Israel will not hit those . They are too special and too precious a tool that is not easily replaceable , but we pray God that a missile loses its destination – by chance -and finds a way to get to them and relieve this earth from them . The cheaters and deceivers of all times in the name of brotherhood and religion , Gaza does not need them nor want them , no one needs them and no one wants them , they are bad omens and bad news . Still Iran and Hizbullah will find a way to help the Palestinian Resistance and a way to make the weapons needed reach destination and make their way safely to the hands of the freedom fighters . Allah is great!


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