It does not matter what Putin says or does not say. Putin could say anything, and he usually says contradictory things, and this is intentional. Or it is that Putin says something and his spokesman for example says another thing , or what he says is denied by someone else, by an army general or an assistant or an aid .

What is more interesting is to see what Putin does, not what he says. And what he does is not different from what the World Order does, which is to serve israel and the World Order at the expense of Arabs and the Arab cause .

Putin is not serving Syria but is using Syria . He works for the World Order , and this is clear in what he does more than in what he says. The removal of the chemical weapons , the promotion of the war on Terror at the expense of the war on israel and the extension and escalation of this war , the non delivery of the S-300 missiles that were promised to Syria and that Syria had paid for , and the pressure exerted on Syria to tie the hands of the Resistance and Iran and to accept the US strikes on Syria. All this is meant to serve israel and not Syria, and shows that Russia- in all these instances- is committed to israel’s security .

And this is not all , because the Russian military coordination with israel, and the division of the Syrian air space between Russia and israel whereby israel will coordinate any raid on Syria with Russia speak also tons . The latest encounter between Netenyahu and Putin in Moscow speaks also for itself . There was enhance of common projects between the two and payment of indemnities to the Russian Jews of israel , and the Palestinian cause was discussed between the two whereby Russia will play a role in the final settlement of the Palestinian issue for the benefit of israel of course . If all this is not enough to show where goes the loyalty of Putin, then something must be wrong with people.

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