All those who praise Russia’s role in Syria are not aware that the leader of the Lebanese Resistance – His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah – God bless his pure soul – never praised Russia and never thanked or showed any gratitude to Russia . Does this mean that Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah is ungrateful and does not thank those who serve the Resistance or help the Axis of the Resistance ? God forbids because it is quite the opposite , Sayyed usually thanks even those who speak one word in favor of the Resistance, and does not miss one occasion to do this, and will not desist from doing so even if they happen to be his political opponents . And even if it is not directly associated with the Resistance, Sayyed – blessed he- will praise any good word or action that is good for the country or for the Resistance or for the Community in its large sense And even if it is one step in the right direction in favor of the country or the community, Sayyed will praise this step and thank those who undertook it, and will remind of it, and insist on it, and invite others to do the same so much Sayyed is intent on not missing any good act or positive gesture . Russia must not have done anything of this sort to deserve any praise on behalf of the leader of the Resistance and not even the slightest hint !


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