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The World Order is going crazy and the desperate Saudis have resorted to the Mujahideen Khalq which tells how desperate they are . They have paid for the whole event from their own pocket that took place in France under the form of an anti Iranian conference . They are trying also to operate a breach in San’aa’ and secure a spot for them around San’aa’ and – yesterday- Big Belly – Mansur Hadi – who is well fed and has gained weight has landed with his big tummy in Ma’rib to spend few hours with his guards and then go back to where he came from. It was quite a sight to see him land in with all this flesh while his people are hardly able to satisfy their hunger.

Sent by the Saudis, the French minister of foreign affairs is in Beirut trying to force Lebanon to give permanent residency to two million Syrian refugees to increase the Sunni constituent in the country and set them against the Shi’as , not to forget that the Palestinians would have to stay where they are because they are not going to Palestine . According to the World Order , there is no Arab Initiative and no Palestinian state . The World Order wants to liquidate the Palestinian Cause and for this will start the process of normalization at all fronts. This is why , the Quartet that groups US, Russia, EU and UN will force normalization on many Arab countries and will start by security matters whereby israel has raided to day on terrorist positions in Sinai with Egyptian approval and blessings .

Now, we know why the Egyptian minister of foreign affairs ,was in Israel to warm up the relations as they say. and after that, the israeli raids started in Sinai and this act will not be restricted to Egypt but is meant to extend to other places which is the original plan of Vladimir Putin to have israel join the anti Terror Coalition. This is how the World Order is trying to catch up on the lost time . The US is bringing 560 more soldiers to Iraq to enter al Mosul and a number of military experts to operate on the ground together with the Iraqi Army . Not to forget the 4 thousand staff members that form the US embassy in Baghdad which is the biggest US embassy world wide. All this because the decisive battle of Aleppo is being successfully fought and there is no backing off nor truce with the NATO thugs . The World Order is losing his mind .

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