The Ressurrection Of The Empire

January 15, 2013

The old lady in fact is neither dying nor bed ridden , the old lady is doing quite well and is caressing her old dreams of world hegemony . George Ibrahim Abdallah , the Lebanese prisoner , has not been released after 29 years of unjust incarceration- in accordance with the court verdict- not because he represents a direct threat to US, and not because US pressured the French authorities . George Abdallah has not been released because France does not want to release him, because France and old lady Europe and all the fierce colonialists of our era and the previous era are getting their act together to re conquer the world . For this reason Abdallah will not be released now , not before France- the colonialist predator country that killed one million in Algeria without choking- achieves some concrete results in Africa at least if not in Syria .And this has started already and is gaining ground at high speed and the drones are shelling Mali, and since the old lady’s offspring – whether USA or Israel- did not fare so well lately by failing respectively in Iraq and in Lebanon, the old lady will take the matter in her own hands .
Who said colonialism was over? Who said that previous colonies and colonized countries have gained independence? And even if they did, who said that there were faring well ? They are not faring well , in fact they are doing poorly; they are governed by dictators that should be toppled and by greedy corrupt rulers whose assets should be confiscated . Lady Europe will put things in their right place by interfering directly and spreading order again. The colonialist predators are back; it was a mistake leaving the old colonies to manage apparently their own business and start thinking on their own, or to leave US inexperienced administration and rogue infamous Israel act on behalf of the world and mess up. It is time for the old lady to get back on stage and play the major role. Otherwise how to explain this perfect consensus among Europeans ? This perfect coordination and cooperation , whether in Libya or in Syria or elsewhere , the old lady is set to capture – one by one- all previous territories; and this is why China and Russia- who both seem to be well informed about the schemes of the old lady- are taking these non compromising stands refusing to give in to pressure or to surrender to UN resolutions that favors military intervention and take over .

Libya and Syria and Mali are just the beginning , it is the whole lot that should be retrieved and the UN should fully cooperate . It is not just Syria , Iran and the armed Resistance that are targeted , it is the old empire whose sunlight never sets.

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