The Civilization Of Genocide


(Retrieved post from January 2013)

Israel was not originally created to find a home for expatriated Jews in Palestine , It was created rather as a genocidal plan to exterminate a population. The relocating of Jews in Palestine as such did not really require all this bloodshed that we have been witnessing for the last decades . So what the world establishment had in mind was depopulation and not population even if it pretended otherwise and brought people across the ocean for this reason; the world order had declared a genocidal war whose tool would be the Zionist Jews that were supposed to chase and kill the Palestinians . This was no plan of relocation but war and extermination.
This scheme of extermination that has started almost five centuries ago has not stopped and is still going on under Obama’s administration , and has been following different approaches and strategies . These strategies range from the biological war practiced against the Natives who succumbed to the small pox in great numbers, to the direct acts of war and invasion and occupation and displacement and famine practiced against a number of people, plus igniting internal war and tribal, religious and sectarian conflicts, to the use of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and spreading diseases in Africa and adopting the strategy of sterilization in the US and across the world.

Munir Akesh in his latest book reveals a letter sent by Henry Kissinger in1974 in which he communicated to the White House the result of a study requested by president Gerald Ford about sterilization procedures that are to target women in thirteen underdeveloped countries -among them Egypt- in a period of time that will not exceed twenty five years. Two universities were involved in the scheme that sought to get rid of poor people as a solution to poverty . According to this scheme more than 570 million women would be sterilized and deprived of progeny . Not restricted to the outside world this policy has been implemented in the United States itself against poor people that were called the” lower tenth” and amounted to almost 14 millions in 1915.
The poor were to be killed before being born. This was practiced extensively on the Natives of North America before anyone else whereby 42% of Native women were sterilized until the fact became known and had to be stopped in the seventies of the previous century. The natives, all natives do not have the right to exist and had to be sacrificed even before they were born at the altar of the white man’s civilization that was exceptional and did not admit of the other .

The European Christian Anglo Saxons are the only ones fit for life and still they had to be rich to become eligible for natural selection otherwise they were going to be dumped like the others . The nuclear bomb was not designed for a different purpose than exterminating people and getting rid of a great number of them and here again Science came to serve the establishment by carrying on to the letter its political schemes . After this , the Natives indigenous in North America were used as laboratory guinea pigs by the North Slope Corporation which injected the Inuit children with an anti hepatitis B vaccine that is the cause for AIDS.

It is getting clearer and clearer that what the world establishment is seeking is man’s total annihilation and the disintegration of his social environment by all means and the Arab Spring that has spread like a disease in our Arab countries and the number of casualties and the state of chaos it created in Libya and Syria and Yemen and other places is nothing but another form of extermination of populations that Uncle Sam and his European masters and allies have owned to perfection.

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