The Battle of Syria Is Won

(Retrieved post from February 2013)

The last Israeli assault on Syria marks maybe the end of a war rather than the beginning of a new one . The Israeli bombing of the military research center in Jamraya, outskirts of Damascus, came somehow to reveal all cards and to rescue what remains of the situation. The center had been previously targeted many a times by the thugs of the opposition- who wanted to take hold of it- which caused the removal of many defensive radar settings that were protecting the site . The thugs never took hold of it but the removal of defense devices made the center more exposed . Thus Israel insisted on having a final say and signing the last chapter of the war on Syria.
This assault will not affect the least the outcome of the global war that has failed in removing president Assad or in operating any serious change. Iran has also become an active part of the settlement of the Syrian situation sought by US and Russia . Syria has resisted and has prevented the thugs from taking over the country and bringing in NATO forces and Israel’s allies .

Now, slowly , since Syria has resisted – as expected – and turned down the vicious western and Arab Spring rulers’ schemes , all the other crisis in the Arab world- that were put on hold waiting for the Syrian chapter to be concluded – will be on their way to be solved one after the other. Whether in Bahrain or Iraq or Lebanon the situation is going to loosen up and move forward . Saudis have slowed down their recruiting and supplying of the thugs of the opposition and there is a feeling among many thugs that they were let down and this may be the cause why they have resorted to stealing and sacking the factories and the stores in Syria especially in Aleppo . Many of them are no more finding adequate medical care in Lebanon or in Syria , they are carrying their wounds and blaming the Saudis for leaving them behind wounded and disabled .

the Qatari stooge prince – who has been acclaimed the hero of all revolutions across the Arab world- has refrained from funding a Syrian government in exile with half a billion dollars – as expected- whereas the head of the coalition of the opposition- Ma’az al Khatib- has expressed his readiness to negotiate with the Syrian government, and communicated this to the Iranians after receiving the US green light .

Al Khatib justified his move saying that it was to avoid more blood spilling! How al Khatib- who was accused by the coalition of betraying the revolution- suddenly has awoken to the fact that Syrian blood is being unjustly spilled we don’t know , because the massacres have been going on for quite a while now causing thousands of victims all over Syria and incomparable destruction of towns and cities.

All this global turmoil that has mobilized all the thugs of the world was to no avail, and all those who supported this carnage would have to withdraw slowly back into their respective holes . The Arab and Muslim rulers who created and funded and supplied all this carnage did not fare well, nor Israel fared well. Notorious intellectuals- like Burhan Ghalyoun or ‘Azmi Beshara- and other thinkers who stood up for the criminal thugs of the opposition- favoring money and position over justice and freedom -will have to employ themselves otherwise. Members of foreign NGOs will have to find other sources of funding and other fields of actions and will be directed God knows whereto by their masters , maybe to India or China or whatever spot the World Order has intention to expose and destroy.

When Syria- in the person of its loyal president and its national regime- supported the Resistance, it was not just protecting the Resistance , it was protecting Syria and the Syrians as well , and this formula could work for others as well , for all Arabs : Protect the Resistance and the Resistance shall – in return – protect you and guide you out of your troubles and lead you and set you on the right path of justice and freedom.

Support the Resistance of Hizbullah and everything will become clear again and things will fall in their right place out of this chaotic situation that was created on purpose- through springs and false flag revolutions- for us to remain weak and disunited and unfocused on our real problem and for Israel to continue to exist unbothered .

By its national and unflinching uncompromising attitude , by not giving in to the enemy and not acknowledging any of the rights he claims , by remaining firm and rooted in its pro Resistance stands despite all human and material losses , by opting for the moral and righteous position rooted in real ethical values , Syria has protected Syria and protected us all. Now the world Order- that has suffered another defeat- would have to think twice before sending his criminal thugs and dubious NGOs to target this or that Arab country .

Syria and the Syrians and the president of Syria and – behind them- the divine Resistance of the people have won –for the time being -the battle of humanity over its predators. God bless all the martyrs that have sacrificed for this battle to be won. God bless all those who stood with their hearts minds on the side of the oppressed. Blessed are those who had a thought or a word in favor of humanity , God bless you brothers and sisters from all over the world who have done this !

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