January 11, 2013

Rarely do we see on stage something touching and genuine and self contained and honest to the point that we felt really privileged and lucky in a way to attend the talk of Gilad Atzmon and his performance-as well- in the Dawwar al Shams theatre , Beirut . Certainly we were lucky to be there and we wished that much more people attended so that they get an idea of what a good …talk is and to know that something like a good talk and a good speech existed on stage despite all the non sense and irrelevant speech that is being heard and attended here and there. Something beside pure entertainment or pompous ideological discourse or academic dull lecture , something that is beyond what one expects . Certainly his is a rich experience that consists in achieving so much in one single life; to start from an Israeli soldier -son of Jewish settlers- and end up as an artist / activist embracing the Palestinian cause and exposing the falsity of the Israeli state and then to try to discover the Jewish political identity that shapes the personality of most Jews. Gilad Atzmon was simply captivating , not giving us his final say but rather taking us on his mental, emotional, existential journey that made him think the way he thinks and act the way he acts and become what he is . This is how we were admitted to the author’s intimate world sharing his best thoughts and his best music that was not just entertaining but was intrinsic of his growth and his experience and his awakening to his condition. We certainly were treated like guests of honor and even those who disagreed with Gilad Atzmon felt at home . We thank Gilad Atzmon for this warm, interesting, rich evening that we spent in his company.

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