Squanto , Thanksgiving And Genocide

January 21, 2013

The pilgrims who set foot in Plymouth, Massachusetts in year 1619 were famished , they had crossed the Atlantic fleeing England and landed in the actual US . If you think that the white settlers made it on their own , then you are mistaken , and since it is God Whom they thank every year in their Thanksgiving, let it be known that God acted through the Natives who received them and helped them . The Native Nations acted towards the white settlers the way civilized people act ; in other words they helped them out of their distress . They did this naturally and spontaneously and not for ulterior motives. They acted as civilized cultured people- who have faith- helping out their brothers who happened to be lost in foreign land and sea and were in a miserable condition . Notice in return how the white settlers treated the natives and how did they reciprocate what they did ?Did the settlers behave as civilized cultured people or like hoards of savages ?
It is noticeable in this instance the consistency which the natives proved- in many instances – where they refused to acknowledge of the treachery and savagery of the settlers which they witnessed everyday . Maybe they refused to see that such a thing that was so far removed from their moral and ethical code existed . Listen to Squanto’s story to see how the Natives had great difficulties- especially at the beginnings- in treating the settlers the same way they were treated .

Squanto the little Indian boy who was kidnapped by John Smith in the turn of the 17th century and lived the life of a fugitive managed to make it back home to America which he reached in 1619 where he found that half his people had been decimated . Squanto’s story is closely linked to Thanksgiving , he is the one who helped greatly the white settlers by feeding them and showing them how to grow seeds and fertilize the earth and where and what to fish and how to bathe and get rid of their horrid smell. Squanto exerted himself greatly in this and played the role of mediator between the white settlers and the Wampanoag Nation in order to avoid war .

This was the primary concern of Squanto who served the settlers as much as he served his own people- if not more- believing that both were made of the same humans material and had the same human aspirations. Despite the mistreatment he had received in terms of kidnap and abduction and slave work, Squanto insisted on having faith in the possibility of an understanding between settlers and Natives . He remained steadfast in this position until he contracted one of the deadly diseases that were spread in the new world by the settlers and succumbed to it following the destiny of millions of indigenous people who were thus exterminated.

Squanto is one of many Natives who could not even conceive of the savagery and criminality of the white settlers and their unimaginable greed and come to terms with it finally and definitely .

No doubt that The Natives of America belong to a very refined and dignified peaceful culture that came to clash with the most uncivilized people on earth, and as the Natives insisted on their intrinsic moral values for which they paid their very existence, the settlers are still insisting on the absence of such values and still committed to the predator kind of attitude and action.

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