Sectarianism and Apartheid (BDS and EI)

January 11, 2013

After spending years of subjugation to the western policies imposed on Arab countries, the victorious Resistance of Hizbullah over Israel and the liberation of Lebanon from Israeli occupation turned over the equation and started making history themselves . For a moment , a new age dawned . No need to say that it is this victory that has been- since the end of the last century- defining the terms of the Israeli/Arab struggle and drawing the map of the western political moves and military interferences .
All what we are witnessing right now in terms of Arab springs and Arab so called revolutions in the Arab world are but the answer of the western establishment to the success reaped by the Resistance on many a level. Now it has been decided by the western establishment that, since this victory cannot be prevented nor avoided , one ought to work on limiting its effects and its repercussions in the Arab and Muslim world to eventually turn it completely into an irrelevant event that had no precedents and no future. Means and ways were sought to prevent Arabs from catching the fire and sharing this victory .Thus, alienating Arabs and Muslims and even Lebanese from the victory over Israel became the major concern of the world establishment and that of their local clientele .
One could imagine what could have happened had the Arabs and Muslims identified fully with this victory ? Had they acknowledged fully and consciously that Israel was defeated and subject to more defeats ? Had they realized that determined people , any people could win victory over a super power by being earnestly commited to such an endeavor and by using whatever means available or accessible? The world order had to make sure that this realization or identification would not happen and became thus intent on isolating the Resistance- Arab wise and Muslim wise- on the ground of its sectarian belonging .

The sectarian war was meant to take care of the rapid enthusiasm and support the Resistance was gaining all over the Arab world and this by making the victory look as if restricted to one sect instead of addressed to all. Defaming the Resistance, by way of accusing it of killing Hariri and dragging it to the International Court and attempting at staining its reputation did their work as well .

Sectarianism was thus the name of the war launched on the Resistance that was supposed to take care of the massive support it enjoyed. Millions were spent for this purpose . The whole media was mobilized and the religious sheikhs trained and the sectarian campaign, triggered by the west and funded by Gulf countries, used all means possible to expose the Shi’as and make them look as heretics and non Muslim and enemies to man and religion..

This is what was designed for the Arab-Muslim world while, on the international level, in countries that were not concerned with the sectarian differences of Islam, different designs were needed in order to maintain the image of a powerful strong Israel because neither the western establishment nor the usurping state could afford nor deal with the new image of a weak defeated Israel.
This was translated on the ground by a series of NGO’s and international organizations funded by the world order that acted as if Israel still enjoyed the military supremacy it enjoyed once over its neighbors, overlooking the fact that it had become crippled and unable to recover from the two consecutive defeats it had suffered at the hands of the Resistance.

These pro Palestinian NGOs, like BDS and Electronic Intifada -under the pretext of defending Palestine and Palestinians-were created in order to maintain the image of a powerful-strong Israel that had survived the victories achieved by the Resistance . It is by maintaining this unaffected image- that stands no more- of a strong powerful Israel, that these NGOs hoped to keep the upper hand of Israel in any future negotiations .

By picturing the Palestinian problem as an Apartheid problem solely, the BDS and the Electronic Intifada hope first to consecrate the existence of Israel as a real legal entity like an Apartheid State, and to isolate the Palestinian issue from the Arab /Israeli struggle and localize the Palestinian problem as an internal Israeli problem after absorbing- of course- the Palestinians in their countries of residence .This would lead to the neutralization of the armed Resistance, and the armed struggle of HAMAS will end in favor of a moderate Islam that does not call for Jihad . While the Palestinian problem will be restricted to occupied Palestine and to the Israeli sponsor , the Arab dimension will be sacrificed in favor of the Sunni support and of the humanitarian world wide activism. This is how sectarianism and NGOs end up both serving -in two different ways- the same Zionist purpose of shunning the armed Resistance and protecting the Zionist state from its undermining effects .

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