Re-discovering Iran

(Retrieved post from February 2013)

Iran – in the person of Dr Ahmadinejad- will help Egypt – which is suffering from a great economic and political crisis and from isolation and involvement in foreign agendas- to go back to the Arab bosom, and this by giving Egypt a major role, first in solving the Palestinian struggle and supporting the Palestinian Resistance and working on the Palestinian unity , second a role in solving the Syrian issue by bringing factions of the opposition to negotiate with the Syrian government , third in participating along with other countries in assuring the security of the gulf countries . All this in addition to a role offered to Egypt as a mediator in the nuclear Iranian issue with the International community .
Egypt has everything to gain in recovering its importance and leadership, backed in this by the Islamic Republic of Iran who- surprisingly enough- is not seeking hegemony over other countries but is seeking a complementary role for Iran and for all countries in the region to create a harmonious continuous body where countries will be supportive of each other in facing their major problems and issues and their major enemy ie : the State of Israel . And this is true and no fairy tale and all Arab and Muslim countries and other countries too are invited to join .

This is the essence of Iran’s foreign policy as practiced by the Iranian government with -on its head – Dr Ahamadinejad . This what we have seen implemented in Lebanon and what we have witnessed on the ground in the Iranian backing and supporting and supplying the Lebanese Resistance of Hizbullah , and enabling it to chase the enemy out and liberate the land and help all people go back to their towns and villages and properties and live decently with peace and dignity resuming their normal activity . This is true and no fairy tale and this support was priceless . Iran is really a friend of people and has not asked anything in return for its help and is still ready to help .

Long Live Iran and its modest peaceful pious president , Dr Ahmadinejad , the embodiment of truthfulness and commitment and long live the Murshid Sayyed ‘Ali Khamina’i who is guiding and protecting Iran in this path ! This is a great contribution to the future of humanity that all can benefit from and it is from this openness and true friendship that Iran is getting strength , resistance and forbearance !

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