Georges Abdallah / A Lebanese Christian For Palestine


January 11, 2013

Lebanese Freedom fighter :Georges Ibrahim Abdallah( 61 years) incarcerated in France since 1982 will be released soon this month . Georges Abdallah has been in French prisons for 28 years now on the ground of accusations of killing an Israeli and a US diplomats .
These accusations lacked proof and the weapons found in the Apartment of George …Abdallah were smuggled by a third party . Still this lack of evidence did not help his release and the French authorities did not keep their promise to release him in the deal that was concluded with Algeria in 1985 according to which the French authorities will release George Abdallah against a French hostage held in Lebanon. In 1987 he was tried in France for founding the Lebanese Revolutionary Factions and sentenced to life imprisonment
As a Freedom fighter George Ibrahim Abdallah fought for the Palestinian cause in the Ranks of the SSNP and then in the ranks of the FPLP. An example of a Lebanese Christian committed freedom fighter for whom Palestine meant everything..

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