Deniers Of The Present Holocaust

(Retrieved post from January 2013)

To those who think that what is happening in the world- right now- does not call for immediate action or at least for an awakening of a certain kind , to those we say that their attitude is furthering this unhappy situation .To those who say that this is the natural condition of humanity that has been prevailing for ages and that this is an inherent tendency in man we say that this does not mean that we do not have another inherent tendency and that we should not do something to straighten it or curb or limit its damages and effect .
The value, the greatest value, lies in the understanding of what is happening and what has happened in the proper way and for the proper purpose . This is- of course- for those who commit themselves to truth and commit themselves to the welfare of humanity and not those who are involved in schemes and policies and part of local or foreign agendas or part of conspiracies of their own mind , who reveal only to hide and hide only to plot and conspire.

To those, to the cunning ones, those who think that truth lies in matching words in sentences cleverly or logically, to the bankrupt intellectuals who are afraid to lose the pitiable position the world order has reserved for them, to those who master the art of putting words together and connect sentences without an iota of insight or truthfulness we say : humanity is tired and has had enough , enough injustice and genocides and oppression , and enough lies and enough of everything .

At least if the administration of this world, which is as bad as it could be, could stop lying and stop deceiving , if only they could start calling things by their true names we would have made a big step in the right direction. Let them at least call oppression oppression and invasion invasion and manipulation manipulation .Let them stop preaching democracy and freedom and human rights and civil rights and sovereignty and integrity and you name it.

All this is nothing but a heap of lies that is increasing by the hour in dimension and in size because- if these freedoms are not meant for all beings then they cannot be true for any individual or society , if they are not for all , then they are for none and this is the ugly truth , that these concepts have been emptied and hollowed and hallowed , they just don’t mean anything anymore , they are being used by the masters of treachery and cowardice , by Obama and Romney and Biden and Hillary , they are being used around the arsenals of deadly weapons , around carriers and drones and guns , around chemical weapons and prisons and camps around Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib .

We are in the midst of the civilization Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib where people are treated like beasts if not worse ; and still we have to admire master West and see in him the progress of humanity . We have to doubt what we see and hear , we have to doubt what we witness , what we see in Syria where the thugs hired by the CIA are hanging children of seven years of age .

We have to see this and still believe and still adhere to the democracy of Europe and Uncle Sam, we still have to believe that democracy lies in choosing between Romney and Obama. or between Mubarak and Mursi and then comes along intellectuals like the unhappy Jay Knott who thinks he is singing his own tune while he is actively involved in the ongoing chorus of the world orchestra worshipping the statue of freedom and liberties.

A writer and a so called thinker who denies the American holocaust and denies the fact that Uncle Sam- in the name of progress and religion, and for the sake of humanity, has wiped out more than 18 million Native Indigenous from the face of mother earth in the biggest holocaust ever witnessed and which is not over yet because it is perpetrating itself under different labels .

Mister Jay Knott -who thinks himself quite sophisticated – will not admit of this verity but sees in it an accident or a disease or a problem inherent to the Natives’ society . How unhappy because , denial or no denial, the facts speak for themselves, and denying the original holocaust and the bloody event that founded the actual USA is in order to deny the actual holocaust that is taking place right now everywhere , whether in Palestine or Iraq or Sudan or Afghanistan or Somalia or Pakistan or Libya or Syria or Mali and everywhere in Africa or Asia where famine and diseases are prevailing brought in by the colonialist looter of wealth and health .

This holocaust is right under you nose Mister Knott and no need for references and links and pictures and films , just look under your nose Mister, watch Syria and Libya , watch Iraq, watch Bahrain , feel the depleted uranium and smell the toxic gases and learn about the wonders of the trained thugs , learn about yourself , your country and the civilization you are proud of.

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