(Retrieved post from February 2013)

The Syrian officials are being sincere and transparent in reporting the situation directly from the ground and in this they are proving to be better than any media . We should give credit to those officials for their sincerity that is helping us draw a whole picture of the situation . The evil coalition that groups : Qatar , KSA and Turkey that was seeking to destroy Syria does not represent the opposition on the ground but has been carrying on foreign schemes and projects that aimed at subjugating Syria and put it under Turkish Mandate . This opposition cannot be called opposition because , an opposition would be part of a democratic process which is not the case here . What we have here are enemies of Syria that do not represent any opposition . What they carry and seek to impose on Syria are foreign agendas that aim at breaking the axis of the Resistance to Israel composed of Syria, Hizbullah and Iran .

These evil enemies of Syrians relied on armed thugs introduced to Syria in great numbers through Turkey and Lebanon to create havoc and instability and force a regime change that will benefit NATO and its partners and implement a stooge regime affiliated to Turkey . These thugs committed crimes and massacres and were represented outside first by the National Council of Istanbul which became later the Coalition of the Opposition of Dawha. Their armed faction is the FSA : an army composed of few army defectors and other thugs recruited from different Arab and Muslim countries .These armed thugs worked in coordination with Israel and facilitated the latest Israeli assault on the military Research Center of Jimraya by preparing for it and assaulting it over many times and disabling its radar installations that were to call for the response of the ground anti aircraft defenses.

The thugs introduced by the opponents of Syria failed in achieving their goals of removing Assad and operating a regime change and did not find in Syria a favorable social environment that will offer a stable platform for them to continue their vicious plan . Therefore they were unwelcomed and proved to be gangs of killers and abductors and thieves that were rejected by the population .

As a result, the adverse anti Syrian coalition of Qatar , KSA and Turkey is disuniting now and the KSA is slowing down its supplies and its recruiting of thugs seeking a solution to the Syrian problem through its representative at the head of the Coalition: Maa’az al Khatib who has offered for the first time to start negotiations with the Syrian regime in the person of ex minister Faruq al Shar’ giving up on the call for a regime change in Syria and for the removal of its president.

Whereas Saudis have retreated after receiving threats by Jordan to close the borders in case the flow of thugs heading to Syria continues , Qataris and Turks are still carrying on their inimical designs and threats of escalation in Syria. But the Saudis have opted for a different policy and have sent lately a high official to Damascus for this purpose . This has not only weakened the enemies of Syria but has introduced again Iran as a pole and a player on the ground to look with Egypt ,Turkey and KSA for a way out of the Syrian dilemma that has been created and engineered by Syria’s enemies . Iran has carried the Syrian Issue to be discussed in the Islamic summit meeting in Cairo.

Strengthened by the Resistance of the Syrian people and the Resistance of its president, army and government in front of foreign conspiracies , the Iranian president and the Iranian officials hope to reach an understanding concerning Syria that will be the first step to a long lasting solution.. Whereas the assaults of thugs against the Syrians are expected to slow down , escalation on behalf of Israel is expected- as well -which will relieve the thugs – for the time being- from their dirty mission and resume the battle in different conditions and settings, with the enemy- in person this time- entering the war .

Syria -in its present condition -is expected not be dragged into an unexpected uncalculated war with Israel from which Israel will benefit, as it is also expected to resume the plans of reforms with the local opposition that is willing to contribute and cooperate. And , while waiting for the outcome of the talks between Russia and US scheduled for this spring, Syria should continue to resist on all front with the usual forbearance and steadfastness it has proved . Long live Syria who –thanks to its mighty army and loyal president and people- is turning down the evil schemes designed not only to harm the Syrians and other peaceful people but to attempt at humanity as a whole !

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