Those who think that Egyptian minister of foreign Affairs is in Egypt in order to warm up the israeli / Egyptian relations are wrong . And also those who think that Egypt was suddenly inspired to redraw its borders with KSA and give back the two Egyptian islands to the Saudis .Egypt does not exist as a sovereign country and is executing orders coming from big brother . The Truth is that the Palestinian Cause is to be liquidated, and there no Palestinian state and no right of return and no Arab Initiative – as well- as concluded by the Arab League that met in Beirut in 2002 . For this reason, Shukri is in Egypt.

Sources say that there are preparations for total normalization with the enemy at all levels says al Safir News Paper , political , economical and security wise and, for this purpose, the Quartet for Palestine has been revived whose role is to work on this normalization that will be pushed on all Arab countries as the article says .

No need to say that such normalization will start by admitting israel to the anti Terror Coalition – as suggested by Putin last summer- which will gather all the sponsors of Terror like KSA , Turkey and Jordan in addition to Israel of course along with Syria for which reason the attacks by ISIS were carried on in KSA and Jordan and Turkey lately and other places as well .

Including israel has already started, and the israelis are responding to the Russian invitation, and they have today used their drones over Sinai and have raided on presumably Islamic strongholds in Sinai with Egyptian approval and blessings . Now, that israel has been admitted to the anti Terror club, remains to know who the terrorist is. This does not need much speculation in my opinion .



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