World War Against The Pioneering World Resistance

(Retrieved post from February 2013)

By exposing Hizbullah by means of STL and other ,it is not Lebanon or the Lebanese Resistance as such that is targeted .The International Community is actually launching an international war using STL and media and International Organizations including sanctions or whatever the International Community can come up with , not in order to sanction a particular movement or party or religious sect ; what is targeted is the Resistance as an international freedom movement that has actually and successfully defeated colonialism , setting thus a model for all liberation movements around the world. And while the World Order is working on such a big scale , triggering riots and instability in most of the Arab world and interfering in Syria and mobilizing masses through media and internet and so on , the liberation movement around the world is failing in mobilizing all freedom forces and assets in order to support the Resistance ; not that the Resistance cannot do without this support , because the Resistance can manage without this support but such mobilization is necessary in order to give the liberation movement around the world the opportunity to assume its role and responsibility and take its proper position and stand in the present struggle of which it could be responsible and accountable.

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