(Retrieved post 14/4/12)

All beings are related in an interconnectedness that is unknown to most of them ; that they group themselves in races or groups does not go against the fact of their interconnectedness in the natural web of this universe. This interconnectedness precedes and surpasses verbal communication and expression ; but the fact that it remains subconscious and dormant is recognized and highlighted by conscious thinking and deliberation.

Our conscious mind should not be an instrument of seclusion but should rather be a “windows” opening to the vistas of our originality. In this manner all innovations -technological civil and social -that sets man apart from the deeper levels of being , certainly takes man not only to a virtual reality alien to himself and others , but rather to a virtual reality alien to his originality and evil to the universe .

Not only racial national , social and political groups should not exclude each other and should not claim originality and authenticity to themselves excluding others , but also should relate to the universe they find themselves in. In this sense the group of social networking , the group of social networkers should not be singled by their ownership and use of the instrument and facility of social networking , nor should they be singled out by an agenda isolating them from the general society of things .

In order and until to get over this legal obstacle, the internet was kept a military secret by governments , and it was not set free and rendered available except after restricting its future role and defining its policy .

This facility instead of becoming the property of all people , was sold in an illegal manner to private companies like Gates and Zuckerberg etc.. in a fake give away , to assure the continuity of the political and social agenda through the companies that will fulfill this purpose without compromising the government . That is why the facility of face book and other facilities have kept the political and social orientation into the political agenda that serves the world order at the detriment of legality and society at large . They , the social facilities , kept the original agenda of the governments untouched and unchanged posing as fake face fronts.

Therefore we salute the Islamic republic of Iran and we think it has taken a wise decision of not allowing the thing called fb into Iran in order not to share in the catering to the world order

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