These fb administrators are really shameless and usurpers and violators of the rights of their members . They have a set of rules that they do not abide by themselves . They don’t respect their own rules and they pretend to be a web facility where freedom of expression is welcomed and protected . None of this is true unfortunately , and we speak from experience ; slanderers who expose people and insult them are allowed and even protected . If you open certain groups you are shocked by what you see and , even if you report , fb turns the deaf ear. The reason why they don’t abide by their rules is that they have a different set of rules other than the ones they claim , and these are the ones that are applied , and it is their secret code delivered to the members and groups they favor .

The truth is that fb is a replica of the US policy and a replica to US itself in the way it functions ,in the sense that it propagates itself through lies and manipulation and exclusion without proper discrimination.. There is no freedom or democracy on fb , as there are no freedom and democracy in USA , because when freedom and democracy are only there for some and not for all, then they are not there at all ; they are there only in name and what they hide is real segregation.

There is no doubt that US is a great usurper of land and resources and others’ rights , and so is fb a great usurper of the internet space of the social facility. It usurps this internet facility in order to impose its own policy on it by administrating it and exploiting for it own purposes while trying constantly to prevent any real communication that answers the need to communicate which people and members in general express as a natural tendency.

Sensing this need from people around the world -who mostly feel alienated because of the present conditions of life- to share their thoughts and experiences and learn from one another , fb will pretend to cater to this need , as US pretended to offer freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people which the Iraqis never found.

This need will be used as pretext for fb to carry on its own designs. These designs are not unknown and the world order of which fb is part can only feed on division and partition and not on communication and cooperation , therefore there is need on behalf of the world order to occupy the internet space through fb . So what we are witnessing here is not a facility but rather an occupation ,and because of this occupation any real communication or any step taken in this direction of people around the world vitally communicating and sharing and exchanging will be immediately checked , intercepted , and finally stopped because of the danger it represents to fb and to the world order itself .

This desire on behalf of people to communicate and share and get to know the other across cultures and religions springs from a natural inclination inherent in their originality and that of the society and it is the nightmare of the world order, because it carries the cure to all ailments by increasing the social intelligence and awareness and knowledge out of the sharing of mutual experiences.

There are no sophisticated arms or weapons that the world order fears more than this coming together of people -across the world- where they can identify together the cause of the ailments of the societies they live in and the origin of these ailments , and find together the cure through social solidarity among human beings of various groups and tendencies that nothing can hinder .

Such coming together is source of a great fear and the internet space is the natural and technical environment where such coming together can take place and become active . And even if this coming together is on the virtual level and could remain so, there is still fear that people realize the fact that it is the solution to most problems , and this realization is not in the interest of the world order which feeds on the enmity among people that grows unnoticed cultivated in the dark tunnels of their ignorance of themselves and of the others .

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