(retrieved post 12/4/12)

The role played by Israel and the one played by the Gulf countries is no doubt complementary without previous planning or coordination , the British colonialists have allowed- though- some independence for some countries but not for the Gulf countries. He who thinks that US/Israeli relations are stronger than US/Gulf relations is wrong and mistaken and as deluded as the Jews who think that the world order is backing them unconditionally .

US does not favor Israel over Gulf Regimes ; US treats both alike since they are both world order police and their function is well defined and restricted to this. They are like identical twins. What happened is that the world order had usurped the land of Palestine and lent it to the Jews as it had usurped the Arabian peninsula and gave it to the Saudi Kings .

At this point the Israeli rulers and the Saudi rulers are co workers , they work for the same boss, nothing prevents the Saudis- if this is the will of the boss- from extending their power and start ruling Israel instead of Israelis since they will carry on the same duties that were carried by Israelis assigned by their common employer .

There is competition now among Israeli Jews and Sunnis of who is going to carry on the world order scheme and who qualifies better and serves better the policies of the world order? Israelis are faring poorly and have failed in imposing themselves as an indefeatable military power since few men from Hizbullah were able to defeat them. The Jews have not realized yet the implications of such defeat that will cause the world order to look for an alternative and maybe choose -finally- to replace them . They have not become aware of how dispensable they are in regard to the world order.

Changing the nature of the rule and the identity and religion of the State of Israel could be become a must where a dynasty like the Saudi dynasty or a rule like the Turkish rule could achieve a better job at a lesser cost and serve better the world order.

This presumed competition between Jews and Sunnis manifests itself also in the relation between Turkey and Israel over the future of the State of Israel and could explain the Mavi Marmara slaughter .Falls under this label as well the shift in the position of HAMAS from the Iranian/Syrian/Hizbullah alliance to join the Sunni alignment of Turkey and KSA and become candidate to the almost vacant job of ruling Palestine on behalf of the world order . This also explains the rush of QATAR in proving its good qualifications and dispositions by contributing directly to the building of Israeli settlements .

The candidates are many and the Israelis are no more the best qualified. The period of recognition and normalization has elapsed , and what is coming up is a new rule for an old role, and a whole remodeling of the area that proves necessary in order to confront the growing strength of the enemies of the world order and of Israel represented by Iran and Hizbullah .

Israel is NOT up to the challenge anymore and therefore its future is at stake and its destiny threatened and one might even say that the future Haganas gangs are preparing themselves in the form of the fanatic armed thugs that took over Libya and created havoc in Syria, and who seem to get ready for their next assignment that shall consist maybe in liberating Palestine from the Jews on behalf of the world order .

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