Liberation And The Monkey Business of UN

(Retrieved post from February 2013)

we are not here to speculate or give and take , there is a plight called the Palestinian plight and the Palestinians are living in camps because their homes were taken , there is this state called Israel that is by all means a terrorist state .

This state has usurped land in Palestine , Egypt , Syria, Lebanon and has expanded over years and has built settl…ements and so on stolen Arab land .

This evil entity is given legality by UN and all its criminal actions whether military or other are not being sanctioned but are being covered by the UN and by the International community .

This evil entity that is provided with the best weapons and equipment on earth has been defeated in two consecutive wars and has been forced to evacuate the Lebanese territories that it had been occupying for 18 years .

This evil entity was chased out of Lebanon by the Mighty Lebanese Resistance of Hizbullah backed by Iran and Syria that has succeeded in liberating the land and return it to the Lebanese who are now living in their villages and towns resuming their activities and working their soil and reaping its fruits , with security, safety and dignity .

Therefore – and as a matter of logic – the only means to free the Arab land is through the armed committed Resistance that neither negotiates , nor cooperates , nor collaborates , nor compromises nor relies on UN or on any NGO or International organization nor build strategies or come up with tactics in coordination with them .

This Resistance with the pure resolves of its men and their determination and with its enlightened Leadership has succeeded – with modest means- in winning victory over Israel and and over the allies of Israel and in defeating its undefeatable army .

Therefore this Resistance is the only sure means to defeat the empowered enemy and therefore liberate the land and Retrieve the stolen territory and grant the Palestinians their right to return to their villages and towns . This has been tested on the ground and proved and there is nothing other than that. Any thing other than that is monkey business and all BDS and NGO and negotiations are monkey business as well.

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